Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad

Pre-Departure Requirements



Once you have applied to a study abroad program, this list provides a guide for preparing for the experience. If you have any questions, please contact the Office for International Programs (OIP) to set up an appointment or email your study abroad advisor.

Program Confirmation: If you are attending a Global Center or Global Faculty-Led program, you will need to confirm you participation post-acceptance via the Intent to Enroll Form, which is available through the Loyola Study Abroad online application portal. Rome Center students and Faculty-Led students are required to turn in a program deposit along with the Intent to Enroll form. Other programs may also have their own program confirmation process. Make sure to pay close attention to the information received post-acceptance. 

Complete Items on Loyola’s Online-Pre-Departure Checklist: Once your Loyola study abroad application has been accepted or approved by the Office for International Programs, make sure to log back on to the online application portal and submit your pre-departure documents. Depending on the program, these items may include: flight itinerary, health self-evaluation Form, course approvals, housing form. All pre-departure material must be completed by the end of the semester prior to studying abroad. 

Course Approvals: Students going on Global Partner and Global Exchange programs are required to obtain course approvals prior to studying abroad using the online course approval form.  All approvals must be submitted before the end of the semester prior to studying abroad. Students should meet with their dean/academic advisor to talk about their program of interest and how courses abroad fit into major, minor, Core, Engaged Learning or other requirements at Loyola. For example, you may want to discuss how many credit hours you need to graduate, which Core courses you still need to fulfill, and whether you need to take any upper-level courses.

Review Study Abroad Academic Policies: It is important to review the university's academic policies on study abroad prior to departure. 

Pre-Departure Orientation: Attendence at the mandatory study abroad pre-departure orientation is required for all study abroad participants.You will gain valuable and practical information about your upcoming experience at the orientation. OIP will send you full details via email. The orientation for spring and j-term students is normally in November and summer, fall and full year students is in April. Repercussions for missing the orientation include not being able to register for study abroad courses and no access to financial aid. 

Financial Aid: If you have questions about what type of financial aid will transfer to your study abroad program, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at abroadfinaid@luc.edu or check the study abroad Estimated Program Costs and Financial Aid Chart.

MAP Grant Recipients: Any student who currently receives a MAP grant from the state of Illinois should email studyabroad@luc.edu with the exact number of credits they are planning to take while abroad. This is to make sure that the grant funds are set up properly. 

CISI International Health Insurance Policy: All Loyola students will be enrolled in CISI international insurance by the Office for International Programs and billed for the cost in LOCUS. Please review the CISI brochure and fact sheet  to familiarize yourself with the coverage provided and costs . Make sure to print out your CISI Participant ID Card, which will be emailed to you a few months prior to your departure, and carry it will you at all times while abroad.

Passport and Visa: If you have a passport, it must be valid for at least 6 months past the end date of your program.  If not, you will need to renew it prior to departure. Determine with help from the OIP, your study abroad program or the consular website, whether or not you need to apply for a student visa. Apply for your visa early. It can take up to a month or longer for some foreign consulates to process student visas. You will need a passport to apply for a visa.

Residence Life E-Release Form: If you are currently living on campus, use this link to access the e-Release form to be released from your Residence Life Housing Contract for the semester that you will be abroad. The Office for International Programs will share a list with the Department of Residence Life to notify them of all the students that will be studying abroad during a given term to assist with the release process

Services for Students With Disability Accommodation Request: If you currently receive academic accommodations through the Student Accessibility Center and would like to receive the same accommodations abroad, please contact the SSWD Office. They will need to provide an accommodation request letter to the Office for International Programs (OIP) in order for OIP to follow up with your study abroad program. 

Student Conduct: All students who are accepted to study abroad must stay Disciplinary in good  standing leading up to the term of study abroad. Any students who has new infractions appear on their record after the time of acceptance, could put their study abroad plans in jeopardy. The Office for International Programs contacts the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) at the end of each semester to make sure that students remained in good disciplinary standing.

Health and Safety: Check with your family physician or a travel clinic regarding health care, immunizations and precautions in your country of destination. Review the health and safety guidelines provided in the pre-departure online orientation for more tips and tricks.

LUC Email: All students are to check their LUC email regularly while abroad as it will be the main mode of contact between the university and the student. Important announcements go out via the Loyola email system and it is important that students who are studying abroad do not miss them.