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Course Approvals

‌‌All study abroad students (except those attending a Loyola Center or faculty-led program) are required to get their courses approved before going abroad. Course approvals must be completed by the end of term prior to studying abroad. Please read the following guidelines about the course approval process:

  • It is recommended that you meet with your academic or major/minor advisor to go over your degree progress and talk about what types of courses to take while overseas. Study abroad courses are subject to department policies on limitations regarding the number of courses completed off-campus. These policies can vary by department. 
  • It’s also recommended to get more courses approve than you will actually take while abroad, in case your course schedule changes. 
  • Prior to using the online course approval form, make sure you have researched course offerings for your program and have located the necessary course syllabi. You must upload a course syllabus for each new course approval. If you have trouble finding this, please contact us at studyabroad@luc.edu for assistance
  • Please note: courses only need to be approved if you want them to count as something other than a general elective. All classes automatically count as general electives.

Ready to get started? Access the form here using one of the recommended browsers (Firefox or Internet Explorer):

Online Course Approval Form

Once you have received all of the necessary approvals, please download the PDF of your course approvals from the Online Course Approval Form and upload it to your Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist on your online application here

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information about the course-approval process or having trouble using the form?  Please check out our Course Approval Instructions for Students and the FAQ page.  Still have questions?  Call or email us at 773.508.3899 or studyabroad@luc.edu.

Course Approval Database

Use the search engine to scan through our database of pre-approved courses. The database contains courses that past study abroad students have gotten approved to count towards different degree requirements (i.e. major, minor, Core, Engaged Learning). The Office of International Programs will add newly approved courses to the database on a regular basis. If you don’t find the courses you’re looking for, you can also request new approvals using the online form. 

Instructions for Staff and Faculty Course Reviewers  

Please click here for further information about the online course approval system.