Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad


Loyola Requirements:

  • Full time, degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • Must be 18 years of age before the start of the study abroad term
  • 24 semester credits completed prior to attending your study abroad program (12 for transfer students). Students are eligible to study abroad starting with the summer following their first year.
  • Good academic standing with approval from Academic Advisor
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above for general study abroad or 2.75 or above for Global Center Programs and Global Exchange Programs
  • Good disciplinary standing* (see note below)
  • Apply prior to the Loyola application Deadlines
  • Demonstrate emotional stability and maturity
  • Demonstrate clear reasons for choosing a particular program and country. The Office for International Programs does not allow international students to study abroad in their home country.

Additional Program Requirements

Some study abroad programs may have additional requirements. For example, they may require a certain language level, major, GPA, or class standing. You can find these additional requirements on the program’s website. Also, if you need help finding this information, you can contact the Office for International Programs.

Limit to Number of Terms Abroad

Students may participate in up to two academic semesters abroad, and an unlimited number of summers/J-terms, on Loyola approved programs. Students who wish to participate in a third semester abroad, can contact the Office for International Programs for the Third Semester Appeal Form.

Good Disciplinary Standing—Student Conduct

The Office for International Programs will consult with Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution to determine whether applicants have committed any disciplinary violations and to ascertain the circumstances surrounding any such violations. In some cases, students will be asked to meet with study abroad representatives in the Office for International Programs to discuss the incident(s) and implications for study abroad. This information will be used in determining students' suitability for study abroad and may also be shared with the programs to which students apply. Students who commit additional disciplinary violations after they are approved, but before they study abroad, may not be permitted to study abroad. Students who will be on disciplinary probation during the term(s) in which they are scheduled to study abroad will not be permitted to attend their program.