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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Implementation

Dear LUC faculty,

Once your faculty-led study abroad program has been fully approved by Office of International Programs, please reference the information on this page to implement your program in collaboration with OIP.  (If you're interested in submitting a proposal for a faculty-led study abroad program, please see the proposal information page here.)

Marketing your program is extremely important for reaching (and surpassing) the minimum number of students required to run the program. Students respond especially well to direct outreach from you, the faculty leader, whether through you giving a brief classroom presentation or you setting up an information table at the OIP Study Abroad Fair.

How should the faculty leader market the program?

  • Share information about your program with faculty and staff in your department.
  • Ask other LUC faculty if you may promote your program in their classes. 
  • Set up an information table in campus building areas heavily trafficed by students in your major/minor and at any student events hosted by your department.
  • Set up an information table at the OIP Study Abroad Fair.
  • Send targeted emails to students.  
  • Post information about your program on your academic department's webpage.  

How will OIP assist with marketing?

  • Create a customized flyer
  • Build a customized web page
  • Provide a table at the Study Abroad Fair
  • Provide information at campus events and Initial Advising Sessions
  • Email Study Abroad Newsletter
  • Posts on OIP social media

Please let us know if you have questions or ideas about other potential marketing avenues.

There are several resources available for students to learn more about your program and opportunities to get their questions answered.  


OIP creates and manages an informational webpage for your program.  Click on our Programs page and navigate to the faculty-led section there.  At your program webpage, OIP posts:

  • program overview;
  • course briefing, link to your faculty webpage, and tentative syllabus;
  • costs;
  • accommodations details;
  • dates for program start, end, and application deadline;
  • your contact information; and
  • and a link to the online application.

OIP also maintains webpages to answer general study abroad-related questions.  Please refer students with those type of questions to the Interested Students section of our website.  We also certainly answer student questions via email, phone, and in the office. 


Remember that you as the faculty leader are the expert on the subject matter as well as specific location and activities for your program!  You will be an essential information resource for students!

Please see the "What is the minimum number of students required?" dropdown item on the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Proposals page here.

Please see our Eligibility webpage for general eligibility requirements for study abroad.


Additionally, some faculty leaders have additional eligibility requirements such as an in-person interview with the professor.  If you'd like to additionally vet student applicants before OIP reviews applications and makes approval decisions, please let us know.  

Please visit our Deadlines page for faculty-led study abroad program application deadlines by term. All applications must be in "Applied (APL)" status by the listed deadlines in order to be considered for addmittance to a study abroad program.  For additional information about the "Applied (APL)" and other application statuses, please keep reading down this page.  

Students who apply to study abroad will progress through various statuses as they submit application elements and as LUC employees complete application review and processing actions.  Applicants to faculty-led programs can be in the following statuses:

  • Started (STA)
  • Applied (APL)
  • Ready to Review (RTR)
  • Accepted (ACP)
  • Denied (DEN)
  • Cancelled (CAN)
  • Withdrawn (WTD)

For a detailed description of what each application status means, please visit the Ready to Apply page and read the "Application Statuses" section there.


When a faculty-led program applicant reaches "Accepted (ACP)" status, they are required to pay a deposit (called the "Intent to Enroll") in order to confirm their intention to participate in the program. Accepted students will receive payment instructions and the payment deadline through an automated acceptance email when they are accepted by OIP.  Only after a student has paid the "Intent to Enroll" deposit is a student counted counted toward the minimum number of students needed to run the faculty-led program.

OIP will email you weekly enrollment reports providing you a list of who has an application in the system.  We'll let you know who has just started an application, who has completed an application, who has put down a deposit, and so on. 


For questions about faculty-led programs, please contact:

Brian Johnson, Ph.D. 
Associate Director, Study Abroad


Max Crumley-Effinger, M.A. 
Graduate Assistant