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Córdoba/Seville, Spain - Universidad Loyola Andalucía

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Exchange Program

Embrace the opportunity to study in the south of the Iberian peninsula at Universidad Loyola Andalucia in Córdoba or Seville. This exchange program provides valuable opportunities to study a range of subjects while attending one of the oldest Jesuit universities in the world.

Whether in Andalucia's capital city of Seville or Cordoba, home to the UNESCO Heritage "Historic-Centre of Cordoba", you will be immersed in the rich and unique history of Andalucia. Combining the modern Catholic traditions with the ancient Moorish architecture, this blending of cultures make for a truly distinctive study abroad experience.

Universidad Loyola Andalucia (ULA) is the first private Jesuit university in the Andalucia region of Spain. There is a strong bond between Loyola Chicago and Loyola Andalucia, shown in the multiple programs they have together and the exchange of professors and students between both institutions. Loyola Andalucia provides a wide range of courses in business and economics. Andalucia also offers programs in law, communication, education, psychology, international relations, criminal justice, and engineering.

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Academic Calendar Dates

Fall Term: September - December

Spring Term: January - May

Summer: May - June

Curriculum Type

Students have access to a large variety of courses at Universidad Loyola Andalucía. Most courses are offered in Spanish, but there are courses available in English. These include Economic and Financial Statement Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Business Information Systems, Financial Audit, Cost Accounting, Labor Law, Corporate Finance, Spanish and World Economy, Business Statistics, Marketings, Operation Management, Business Administration, Internationalization of Business, Public Relations, Communication, Calculus, Education and some Core Classes.

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 in order to apply. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students who study abroad on Global Exchange programs should prepare for a highly independent and immersive experience. You will take courses with host university faculty and be held to the same academic policies and standards as local students. Academic support will vary across programs and often differs from the support you receive at Loyola. While the coursework and support may be different than what you are used to in the U.S., the grades you receive abroad will still factor into your LUC GPA.


ULA offers many courses taught in English, as well as plenty of Spanish-language courses for exchange students. To find the most up-to-date course offerings, please refer to Loyola Andalucia's courses page.

Special Program Option

Ask a Study Abroad advisor about the Diploma in Cultural Studies in Spanish. This Diplmoa is aimed at students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world as well as literature and popular culture in Spanish. This is offered each Spring semester.


“Loyola 360º", the former “Grupo Europa”, is a group of Universidad Loyola Andalucía students who collaborate with the International Office in the integration of exchange students.

Each exchange student will have a tutor who will be in contact with him/her prior to their arrival in Córdoba. The International Office will send an e-mail to exchange students indicating their tutor’s contact details.

Students who attend Universidad Loyola Andalucía live in shared apartments, studios, or homestays with families. More information regarding location, price, and description of the flats as well as photos will be provided but OIP encourages some early research on accommodation options.

All apartments are centrally located, modernly furnished, and fully equipped with air conditioning, wifi, and phone service. Upon acceptance, La Universidad Loyola Andalucía will send students an email requesting their accommodation preferences. 

Program Fees

Loyola Tuition, Universidad Loyola Andalucía Housing

OIP Fee- $100 for the semester or year

Financial Aid Transfer

Loyola Scholarships and Grants (Semester/Year Only), Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal PLUS Loans, IL Monetary Award Program Grant (MAP).

1) Submit the LUC study abroad online application.

2) Once your Loyola Study Abroad Application is approved, OIP will email instructions for the ULA Application.