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Please read below for information about study abroad costs, funding, and payments. Go through each section to learn more about financing your study abroad experience.

We offer many study abroad programs that cost about the same as tuition, room, and board at Loyola University Chicago.  These affordable options include semester-long programs at:

These affordable programs are in numerous countries and cover many different academic subject areas.  Don't allow misconceptions about affordable study abroad to deter you from exploring this great opportunity! 

Program Type Pay Loyola Pay Provider/Host University
Global Centers OIP Fee, CISI, Tuition, Room & Board, Deposits n/a
Faculty-Led Programs OIP Fee, CISI, Tuition, Room & Board, Deposits n/a
Global Exchanges OIP Fee, CISI, Tuition Room & Board, Housing Deposits
Global Partners- Jesuit Universities OIP Fee, CISI, Tuition, Room & Board Deposits 
Global Partners- IES, USAC, API, SIT OIP Fee, CISI  Tuition, Room & Board, Deposits, Other Charges
Petition Program OIP Fee, CISI Tuition, Room & Board, Deposits, Other Charges

  • Fall Semester Programs- July 15th charges posted in LOCUS, August 5th payment deadline
  • Spring Semester Programs- December 15th charges posted in LOCUS, January 5th payment deadline
  • J-Term and Spring Break Programs- December 15th charges posted in LOCUS, January 5th payment deadline
  • Summer Programs- April 15th charges posted in LOCUS, May 5th payment deadline
  • Summer Global Partners Programs- May 15th charges posted in LOCUS, June 5th payment deadline

In accordance with the university’s Travel Policy, all students must be enrolled in international health insurance while abroad. The provider for Loyola’s study abroad insurance is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The Office of International Programs will enroll and bill all Loyola students for the cost of CISI. For more information and an overview of the plan and prices, please visit OIP's CISI Insurance FAQ page.

Once accepted to study abroad, it is common for many programs to ask students to pay a deposit to confirm their spot on a program. The John Felice Rome Center requires a $500 deposit and Global Faculty-Led programs require a $300 deposit. Also, some Global Partner programs may also require deposit.

Items included in the faculty-led program fee vary by faculty-led program. Typically, the faculty-led program fee includes prearranged group charges such as guidance by the LUC faculty leader, education abroad insurance, accommodations, group excursions, and a group meal. Sometimes, the faculty-led program fee includes airfare. The faculty-led program fee amounts vary depending on the particular program and the destination. Amounts for individual faculty-led programs can be found on that program’s webpage.

The chart below explains what financial aid applies to each type of study abroad program.

For programs with reduced tuition, including the Loyola Vietnam Center and many Jesuit University Partners, Loyola Aid will be prorated to cover the same percentage of the program tuition as it covers for Loyola tuition.

For more details or information about how your financial aid package may need to be re-packaged for study abroad, please contact the Office for Student Financial Assistance at abroadfinaid@luc.edu, 773-508-7704 or visit the Student Services HUB at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus. 

Students who study abroad on semester or year-long Global Center, Global Exchange or Jesuit University Partner programs, can set up a payment plan through the Office of the Bursar. To arrange this option, please contact the Office of the Bursar at iplan@luc.edu or 773-508-7705.

Students attending Global Partner programs, through approved providers (API, IES, USAC, SIT) may work with the billing department of the providers to set up payment plans if the option is available.

Students who currently receive a MAP grant from the state of Illinois and are planning to study abroad for a semester or year of a Global Partnership (link to program description) program, should email the Office of International Programs at studyabroad@luc.edu with the exact number of credits they are planning to take abroad. This will help to ensure that students receive accurate award funding.

All Loyola students pay the OIP Administrative Fee when they study abroad. This covers the university’s administrative costs for sending students abroad, such as program development and evaluation, outreach, advising, application processing, financial operations, pre-departure preparation, emergency response, and foreign credit posting. The fee amount varies based on the program type and length that you select. Please refer to the Costs and Financial Aid Chart on this page for further information.

If you are both a current LUC ACE student and are currently receiving a Pell Grant to attend Loyola, you may be eligible for an OIP Administrative Fee waiver.  Contact the Associate Director for Study Abroad for details.

Study abroad fees are generally not refundable once they are paid to Loyola or charged to your bursar account, which typically occurs well in advance of departure. Exceptions may be possible on a case-by-case basis provided that the request is made at least 1 week prior to program departure and the refund request is due to student's involuntary call to active U.S. military duty, death of the program participant, death of an immediate family member, emergency involving an immediate family member that requires the program participant’s presence at home, or severe illness of the program participant that prohibits overseas travel.

All refund requests must be made via email to the Associate Director for Study Abroad and must be accompanied by official documentation attesting to the reason for the refund request.  There is no guarantee of a refund. Refunds to program participants are not possible unless the Office of International Programs can obtain a refund from the entity to which payments were paid on behalf of the program participant.

Refund requests will not be considered after one week prior to the start of the program. Furthermore, refunds cannot be granted after six months from the date of the payment, as per university policy. Students who leave a program after one week prior to the start of the program are fully responsible for all costs associated with leaving the program or returning to the United States and/or Chicago.

No refund will be granted to a program participant who has violated a Loyola policy; violated a U.S., Illinois, or Chicago law; violated a law of the program locations; or been asked to leave the program by the faculty leader or the Office of International Programs.

If the program is cancelled by the Office of International Programs, refunds will be made for payments for which the Office of International Programs can obtain refunds from the entities to which payments were paid on behalf of the program participants.

The Office of International Programs encourages students to research and apply for awards that can help to cover the cost of a study abroad experience. For further information about study abroad scholarships, please visit the study abroad Scholarships page. The Loyola Fellowship Office is also a good resources for researching study abroad awards and preparing scholarship application materials. They hold information session regularly and are able to meet with students individually.

Costs & Financial Aid Chart

This chart provides estimated program costs.  Please note that these costs are subject to change at any time; please check the program website for specific information about all costs.

Approximate Tuition + Room + Board
Financial Aid that Applies
OIP Administrative Fee*
Rome, Italy
Loyola, federal, state
LUC Vietnam Center
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Click here for the Vietnam Center tuition, room and board Loyola, federal, state
Various locations
Tuition: Same as LUC tuition
Room and Board: Varies by program, ≈$3000
Loyola, federal, state
No aid applies for Summer or J-Term
LUC Exchanges (semester or academic year)
Australia, England, France, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Tuition: Same as LUC tuition
Room and Board: Varies by program
Loyola, federal, state
Provider Programs at 
Sogang University
Sophia University
University of Kent
Maynooth University
Jonkoping University
Univ. Iberioamericana
Varies by program, please refer to program website for more information None
Summer: $500 
Provider Programs at 
Fordham London Center
St. Louis Univ. Madrid Center
Marquette Univ. Cape Town Center
Fordham London: see program website
Marquette Cape Townclick here for costs.
Loyola, federal, state
Provider Programs at 
Univ. Alberto Hurtado
Newman Institute
LU-Maryland Newcastle Center
Program Cost: ≈$5,500 -  ≈$20,000
Room and Board: varies, generally included in tuition fee
Federal, state
Asia, Europe, Latin America
Program Cost: Semester: ≈$18,000,
Room and Board: varies, generally included in tuition fee
Federal, state
Semester: $1,000
Summer: $500
Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America
Program Cost: ≈$7,000 - ≈$20,000
Room and Board: Housing included in tuition; meals not included
Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America
Program Cost: ≈$8,000 - ≈19,000
Room and Board: Included in price
Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America
Program Cost: ≈$3,000 - ≈$11,000
Room and Board: varies, generally included price
Petition Programs
Varies by program


*$100 of the OIP fee is paid upon submission of the application; any remaining balance will be posted to the student's LUC Bursar account, when applicable.