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The Beijing Center

Beijing, China

*If you attend a school other than Loyola University Chicago (LUC), please go directly to The Beijing Center website.

Program Summary

With a mission to promote mutual understanding between China and other cultures, TBC provides a unique environment for students from all over the world to begin their engagement with China. What makes TBC unique is their placement in a long and storied tradition of Jesuit education, one that teaches that true cultural engagement starts first with friendship.

Academic Calendar Dates

Check out the academic calendar on TBC's website for the most up-to-date semester and summer calendars.

Curriculum Type


With more than 20 seminar style classes offered each semester (taught in English), students from a wide variety of majors can find courses to fulfill degree requirements.  While previous Chinese language experience is not required, everyone at TBC is required to take a Chinese course. TBC offers four levels of Chinese: beginner, intermediate, advanced and advanced conversational. 

View the full course list on The Beijing Center website.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in an academic internship to experience China outside of the classroom throughout the semester.

Global Leaders Summer Internship

TBC’s 10-week summer program allows students to increase their knowledge of the professional environment in China while working alongside both Chinese and/or international colleagues. Aligned with the overarching goal of building intercultural competencies, the program encourages students to think about China in a deeper way. Check out more about this program here: Global Leaders - summer internship


The Beijing Center is located on the campus of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), a medium sized Chinese university ranked among the highest in China in the disciplines of economics and finance. UIBE has an enrollment of over 13,000 students and almost 3,000 of those are international students. Despite its location in a residential neighborhood between the 3rd and 4th ring roads, UIBE is also close to the center of the city and public transportation is easily accessible.
TBC students live on campus in UIBE’s International Student Residence Hall. To find out more about the housing at TBC, check out the Campus and Housing page of TBC's website.

Activities and Trips

One of the unique components of a semester at TBC is the academic excursion offered each fall and spring. A highlight of the program, the excursions allow students to explore and experience the diversity of China.

The Global Leaders summer internship program will conclude with a five-day academic excursion. More information can be found on TBC's website.


LUC students can visit The Beijing Center cost page for more information about tuition and associated program fees, while non-LUC students can visit The Beijing Center website.

All Federal, State, and Loyola aid* transfers to this program.

*Due to the reduced tuition cost of this program, Loyola Aid will be prorated to cover the same percentage of the program tuition as it covers for Loyola tuition.*

Admission Criteria

Before applying, please ensure that you meet all of Loyola's eligibility requirements.

Please note that TBC may have additional eligibility criteria, please refer to their website for more information.

Application Process