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Have questions about how your academic work abroad will translate back to Loyola?  Please check out the information below!

After your program has ended, make sure your study abroad program mails your official transcript directly to the Office of International Programs. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to follow-up with their study abroad program to ensure that the transcript gets sent to the Office of International Programs.  Some programs automatically send a transcript, while for others the student must request a transcript, so be sure to ask while you're abroad.


In some cases, transcripts from abroad can take several weeks or even months to arrive at our office. Some universities abroad take a relatively long time to print a transcript and some universities only print transcripts only a certain times of year, unlike the common on-demand transcripts in the United States.  Be sure to find out when you can get a transcript and how by asking your host university while you're abroad.  


When the Office of International Programs receives your transcript, we will perform credit and grade translations as necessary we'll get your abroad classes posted to LOCUS.

The Office of International Programs accepts credit from any Loyola-approved study abroad program. This means that study abroad credit will show up on your Loyola transcript. It is not considered transfer credit. Also, students are considered "in residence" while abroad.


Credits for all study abroad courses will show up on your Loyola transcript.

  • For programs that issue transcripts with credits using the U.S. semester credit hour system, the credit amount listed on the study abroad transcript will be posted to your Loyola transcript, rounded to the closest whole number of LUC credits (U.S. semester credit hours).
  • For programs that issue transcripts not using the U.S. semester credit hour system, the credit amount listed on your study abroad transcript will be converted which will be posted to your Loyola transcript.

You, the student, must request that your study abroad host campus send a transcript directly to the Loyola Office of International Programs.  Request that your host campus ship your trancript directly to the OIP shipping address listed here.  Don't have the transcript sent to you, the LUC Registrar, nor any other address.  Transcripts can take anywhere between one to three months to arrive in OIP after your program ends. It is ultimately your responsibility to follow-up with your study abroad program to ensure that the transcripts will be sent to OIP.


After your grades are posted, your transcript will reflect both your credits and grades earned while abroad. However, these courses will continue to be listed as “INDS 300X” with the foreign course title listed in the “course topic” field of your transcript and academic record. Students who completed course approvals before studying abroad should meet with their academic advisor to have the courses matched correctly to their academic requirements report and graduation audit. Both student and the advisor will receive an email after the grades have been posted.

Global Center and Faculty-Led Programs

Students participating in these programs will see their grades/courses in LOCUS like any other Loyola class.


Exchanges and Partner Programs

The Office of International Programs will register study abroad students for a Loyola Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS 300X) placeholder course while they are abroad. You will notice that this course appears in your LOCUS enrollment screen for the duration of your program abroad. You will see a 12-credit course each semester you are abroad on a semester or year program and a 6-credit course if you are on a summer program, though these credit amounts are not necessarily a reflection of the actual amount of credit you will receive for your program. Once the Office of International Programs receives the official transcript for your study abroad program, the placeholder course will be removed and the actual courses, grades and credit amounts will be entered into LOCUS by the Office for Registration and Records.


Note: If you need to be enrolled in a placeholder course for more than 12 credits for financial aid purposes (typically the Illinois MAP grant), please contact studyabroad@luc.edu.


Grade and credit translations can vary by program. Students participating in provider programs can find the grade and credit translations on the program's web site or by contacting the provider. If you need help locating this information, please contact the Office of International Programs.  Note: all credit earned while studying abroad will be rounded to the nearest whole LUC credit hour when posted to LOCUS.  


The grades that you earn while abroad on an Exchange program will be translated to Loyola grades using this Exchange Grade Conversion.  


The credits that you earn while abroad on an exchange program will be translated to Loyola credits using this Exchange Credit Conversion .

All study abroad courses will show up on your Loyola transcript and factor into your Loyola GPA.


How do I appeal a study abroad grade? 


If you wish to appeal a study abroad grade you may appeal by contacting your host university or provider abroad. All study abroad grade appeals must be made by the student her/himself directly and only to the host university/provider abroad. The program provider's/host university abroad's policies shall govern grade appeals. If your host university/provider changes a grade, you must request that the host university/provider send an updated transcript to the LUC Office of International Programs. Loyola University Chicago has no purview or influence over the grade appeal process.