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Study Abroad Student Advisory Committee

The Study Abroad Student Advisory Committee (SASAC) is a unique opportunity for study abroad alumni to share their experience and feedback with the Office for International Programs (OIP). SASAC serves as a direct advisory body to OIP and brings the student perspective to OIP decision-making.
Through monthly meetings, SASAC members will have a chance to represent the study abroad student body and voice their thoughts, ideas, and the current needs of students to the OIP staff. The Committee is comprised of up to 10 members who have shown exemplary leadership in study abroad and continue to be dedicated to cross-cultural learning.  
SASAC Mission:
• To strengthen the voice of the study abroad student body by facilitating communication between the students, faculty, and administration
• To empower study abroad participants to be campus and global leaders
• To promote service and accessibility within the university and throughout our surrounding communities, as part of our commitment to the Jesuit mission of Loyola University Chicago
Past topics of discussion have included: 
• Marketing and outreach initiatives
• Diversity and multiculturalism in study abroad
• Accessibility
• Predeparture preparation/ Post study abroad support
“My first study abroad experience was a very typical one for college students, full of traveling with friends and participating in on-campus activities, but my second experience was richer in developing my global awareness. I was more driven academically on my second trip because I had more direction, but I was also more aware in understanding how my travels fit into a history of study abroad and global socioeconomic systems of inequality…I decided to apply for SASAC, because I wanted to help OIP give students this second experience that I had.
In addition, I wanted to talk about my experience in order to process it further…I hope students in other disciplines keep learning from travel experiences as I have. I wanted a forum to express this hope. This committee has the potential to develop OIP further in many aspects and I appreciate their consideration of the student voice in this process.
- SASAC Committee Member, Spring 2017
Interested in becoming a member of the Study Abroad Student Advisory Committee? We are now accepting applications for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Apply here by Friday, August 18th. 
Please reach out to studyabroad@luc.edu with any questions or suggested SASAC discussion topics.