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Travel Registration for Graduate Students

Have you been accepted to participate in one of these programs?

Lorenzo Baber ELPS 529 in Italy Summer 2020
Michael Canaris IPS 532 in Italy Summer 2020
Mine Cinar MGMT 606E in China Summer 2020
Mary Donnelly GNUR 361 in Italy J-Term 2020
Pam Fenning & Eilene Edejer CIEP 556 in Italy Summer 2020
Eve Geroulis MARK 569 in Greece Summer 2020
Justin Harbison MPBH 410 Practicum All
Michael Hewitt HCMT 508 in Chile & Peru Summer 2020
Judith Jennrich GNUR 325 in Belize Spring Break 2020
David Kamerer COMM 421 in Spain Spring Break 2020
Caleb King SOWK 502/690 in Italy Summer 2020
Pamela Morris COMM 421 in South Korea Summer 2020
Ivan Medina & Maria Vidal De Haymes SOWK 509/370 + SOWK 733 in Mexico Summer 2020
Markeda Newell & Amy Christensen ELPS 465 in Italy Summer 2020
Clifford Schultz MARK 561 in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand Winter 2019
Amy Shuffelton ELPS 448 in Vietnam J-Term 2020
Patricia Stapleton & Karen Egenes CMAN 380/380L in England Spring Break 2020
Carolyn Tang Kmet INFS 799 in Puerto Rico Spring Break 2020
Maria Vidal De Haymes SOWK 502/370/IPS 620 in Mexico Spring Break 2020
Maria Vidal De Haymes SOWK Block Field Placements in Mexico Summer 2020
Deborah Watson IPS 599 in Italy Summer 2020

If so, complete LUC's travel registration by: 

  1. Clickling here, and logging in with your LUC ID and password, then
  2. Select the term you're going abroad (fall, spring, J-term, summer), then
  3. Select Travel Registration in the Program Type dropdown, then 
  4. Select your program in the Program dropdown, and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions using this travel registration, feel free to contact the Office of International Programs. If you have questions about the details of the programs listed on this page, contact the faculty leader listed next to the program above.