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University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Summer Programs

USAC is a group of universities in the US and abroad offering programs in over 20 different countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Latin America.  Students will receive Loyola credits and grades while attending USAC programs. Most of these programs are very cost effective for Loyola students. At some sites there is a focus on studying a foreign language, while at others students enroll in a full range of courses taught in English. The USAC programs in Turino, Reggio-Emilio, and Viterbo, Italy; Chengdu and Shanghai, China; and Santiago, Chile are not available to LUC students.

If you are interested in enrolling in a USAC program, you must complete both the Loyola Study Abroad Application and the USAC Study Abroad Application. 

NOTE:  USAC typically charges a $300 application fee/deposit as part of their application.  Due to USAC's direct billing agreement with Loyola, Loyola students do not need to pay this $300 deposit; however, USAC can charge a $100-$300 cancellation fee via LOCUS if a Loyola student applies to USAC and later withdraws.  USAC charges a larger $750 cancellation fee for students that withdraw within 45 days of the program start date.  For the most current information on USAC fees, visit the USAC withdrawal and refund page

Program deadlines may vary, so check Loyola’s Study Abroad Deadlines Page for more information.

Semester tuition ranges from $2,000-$13,000. Summer program fees range from $2,280-$7,660. Each program may vary in terms of fees and what is/is not included in them. Please check the USAC website or the individual program you are interested in for more informationhttp://usac.unr.edu/usac/default.aspx 

Semester Programs: $1,000

Summer Programs: $500

Students may use the federal and state (non-workstudy) aid they receive towards their USAC program costs. However, students should contact Financial Aid at abroadfinaid@luc.edu to find out exactly how their aid will apply, as this can vary depending upon the cost of each USAC program.

Merit-based scholarships of up to $2,000 are available to Loyola students attending USAC semester or year programs. To find out more about this award visit the scholarships page.

List of Programs*


  • Florianópolis: Business, Biology, Environmental, and Portuguese studies

Costa Rica

  • Heredia:Spanish, Ecological, and Latin American Studies
  • Puntarenas: Spanish, Ecological, and Latin American Studies
  • San Ramón: Life Sciences, Spanish and Culture Studies

Czech Republic

  • Prague: Politics, Culture and Art Studies


  • London: Arts and Literary Studies


  • Pau: French and European Studies




  • Bangalore: Business, Sociology, and Indian Cultural Studies



  • Haifa: Hebrew and Arabic Studies, Israeli Studies


  • Osaka: Japan and East Asian Studies


  • Seoul: Korean and East Asian Studies



  • Chiang Mai: Asian-Pacific Rim Economics, Cultural and Political Studies

*USAC programs in Turin and Viterbo, Italy; Chengdu and Shanghai, China; and Santiago, Chile are not available to LUC students.