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Psychology student Catie Larrison talks about her summer in Chicago.

Psychology student Catie Larrison talks about her summer in Chicago.

Catie Larrison: Senior, Psychology major and double minor in Management and Spanish

What courses have you taken over the years?
I have taken one summer course as a transfer student, summer 2018. I enrolled in the social psychology lab.

What are some of the things that made your on-campus or online class experience at Loyola memorable?
Working with the faculty member in his lab was a great experience. One benefit of taking a course in the summer is having more time to focus on the material and be more engaged. Because the social psychology lab is fully intensive, I wouldn’t have been able to put as much time and effort into a course like this in the regular academic year.

How did taking a Summer Session class at Loyola help you achieve your goal?
I was required to take an extra lab because I am in the Honors program at Loyola and I needed to stay on track. Summer helped me stay at 15 credit hours every semester, which was a great way to manage my workload.

What was the best part of spending part of your summer in Chicago (if applicable)?
Living off campus in the summer! I was able to invite family and friends over for casual summer events. Summertime in Chicago is also amazing on and off campus. I was able to explore the city more and really enjoy time outdoors.

What did you do during your time in Chicago that you shared with your friends and peers (if applicable)?
It was great to have the Information Commons to myself most days. I had the opportunity to explore the city—River Walk, downtown, outdoor spaces, and studying, doing homework in the sun.