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Quinlan student Reggie Bailey describes his experience as a summer student.

Quinlan student Reggie Bailey describes his experience as a summer student.

Reggie Bailey: Senior, double major in Information Systems and Economics

What summer courses have you taken over the years?
History 101 and Math 131.

What made you choose Loyola for summer classes?
I wanted to stay on track for graduation in 2019 and taking summer classes helped me get ahead of schedule. This would have also been better than trying to tackle 21 credits in a couple of semesters. The summer class option allowed me to knock some classes off the list and do it in a shorter timeframe than classes in a Fall/Spring terms.

What are some of the things that made your on-campus or online class experience at Loyola memorable?
The community of Loyola! The students, faculty members, professors, and various staff are wonderful. They have all made me feel welcome and I have definitely made life lasting connections beyond my four years here.

How did taking a Summer Session class at Loyola help you achieve your goal?
Summer Sessions helped me graduate on time and allowed me to spread out my workload for the year. Without taking those summer classes, I may not have been able to graduate this semester.

What was the best part of spending part of your summer in Chicago?
I’m from Chicago, but spending the summer here is great because of the weather, festivals, and events that happen almost every single day in every neighborhood. You are never bored!

What did you do during your time in Chicago that you shared with your friends and peers?
I spent a lot of my time walking and going out to eat at new restaurants with friends in Chicago. We had a plan to try a new restaurant once per week and then walk around that neighborhood and see what it had to offer, or maybe discover our next restaurant visit for the following week.