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Zubia Merchant reflects on her summer experiences.

Zubia Merchant reflects on her summer experiences.

Zubia Merchant: Sophomore, Double Major—Sociology and Biology

What courses have you taken over the years?

I took a few courses in Summer 2018, but I would like to share my experience in Dr. Catherine Putonti’s BIOL 395L eight-week research class

What made you choose Loyola for summer classes?

I chose to enroll at the very last minute. I received an email promoting the class. It prompted me to read more about the course and look into the benefits of the class content. The class provided engaged learning credit, was research based, and was in an area of study that I wanted to pursue here at Loyola. Working with Dr. Putonti was great. She helps her students with both understanding and applying complex concepts.

What are some of the things that made your on-campus class experience at Loyola memorable?

It is nice to have a class later in the day and the class structure made the learning experience more relaxing.  Summer courses enable students to connect in an authentic way. In the regular academic year, students are busy running from one class to the other. So much is usually going on. Summer is definitely more relaxed.  I built friendships with a diverse set of students from my class and was able to enjoy activities as a group in Chicago!

How did taking a Summer Session class at Loyola help you achieve your goal?

I was interested in learning more about research methods and application. I am now putting my knowledge to practice and working in a research lab on campus so that I can gain more experience in the field.

What was the best part of spending part of your summer in Chicago?

The weather! Most students don’t get to experience summertime in Chicago and it is so beautiful. The Lakeshore Campus is close enough to the city center and other neighborhoods that I could venture out to do things, but also study at campus. Everything was accessible.

What did you do during your time in Chicago that you shared with your friends and peers?  

With a more relaxed summer environment we were able to study together, go out to eat, or hit the beach, while also staying on track with our courses.