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Women in Literature

Course ID: ENGL 283
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Program: English
Credit Hours: 3

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If Mother Nature ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Wait… Mother Nature? Discussion about environmental literature too often leaves gender out of the question. Yet women—especially women of color— have long been consigned to the natural realm and stripped of their intellect, interiority, and individuality. Many women writers have resisted the comparison between women and nature because it painted them as colonizable objects of a patriarchal society. Other writers have defended the comparison, imagining how femininity and the environment might feel radical solidarity in an ecologically ailing, masculine world. This course skates between these perspectives in texts to give us a more nuanced understanding of who we are, where we are. It covers a number of places—Iceland, Japan, England, the American Southwest—and spots of time from the 19th century until today.


UCLR 100 for students admitted to Loyola University for Fall 2012 or later. No requirement for students admitted to Loyola prior to Fall 2012 or those with a declared major or minor in the Department of English, Department of Classical Studies, or Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

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