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Women in Literature

Course ID: ENGL 283
School:Arts and Sciences, College of
Program: English
Credit Hours: 3

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Women in Literature focuses on divas and diva culture. Revered and reviled, imitated and appropriated, divas are the most visible women in our culture. They are also the most misunderstood. On the one hand, the diva represents empowerment¿she is loud, courageous, and often outrageous. But her power comes at a great cost: when she is consumed and absorbed into fans¿ lives, she risks becoming the object of obsession. She also risks losing her identity, even as she serves as a vehicle for shaping others¿. This class uses fiction, drama, biography, autobiography, film, and performance theory to explore the paradoxes and problems of the ¿woman with a voice¿ and her place in contemporary conceptions of femininity.


UCLR 100 for students admitted to Loyola University for Fall 2012 or later. No requirement for students admitted to Loyola prior to Fall 2012 or those with a declared major or minor in the Department of English, Department of Classical Studies, or Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

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B Mon, Tue, Wed Mon: 10:45 AM-12:55 PM Bradshaw ONLINE

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