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Christian Theology (Theology and Story)

Course ID: THEO 100
School:Arts and Sciences, College of
Program: Theology
Credit Hours: 3

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This course is an introduction to the Christian theological tradition through the lens of story. The primary goal of this course is to enable students to identify, understand, and critically engage with various theological questions and presuppositions found in a variety of ancient and contemporary texts and films. We will explore a variety of theological themes (original sin, theological anthropology, the problem of evil, etc). In doing so, we will analyze the place of story, looking both at the Christian story as well as theological elements inherent in stories that do not appear to be overtly religious. This course introduces students to fundamental theological issues as well as some of the ways that various cultures and individuals have confronted the pressing questions of meaning in human life. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the tasks of Christian theology in its efforts to understand the human situation from the perspective of faith, various challenges to theology in the contemporary world, and will focus on one or more current theological issues.

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