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Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues

Course ID: UCSF 137
School:Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Credit Hours: 3

Course Description

The foundational course in science is predicated on the view that understanding environmental issues and their underlying scientific principles will occupy a central role in our students' lives and will be critical in their development as informed and participating members of society. The overarching strategy of the course will be to frame environmental science in terms of a series of interacting systems to allow students to analyze a variety of environmental issues. Outcomes: 1) Exhibit knowledge of the nature of the four Earth systems 2) Draw inferences from evidence, constructing testable and falsifiable hypotheses and analyzing data.3) Understand the role of energy and thermodynamics in ecosystems; 4) Understand and describe important cycles in nature


This is a foundational Tier I class; it is prerequisite to all Tier II science core classes.

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B Mon, Tue, Wed 10 AM - 12 PM Greg Palmer

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