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Loyola Lake County course descriptions

BIOL 102 General Biology II
Prerequisite: BIOL 101, 111; co-requisite: BIOL 102 Fundamental principles of biology including diversity of life, environmental and biological diversity, population and community ecology, study of plant structure and function, reproduction and controlling plant growth and development, comparative animal organ systems and mechanism of cell communication.

ENGL 290 Human Values in Literature
This section of ENGL 290 will survey rival conceptions of love in fiction, drama, and poetry. We will study how and to what effect these literary works are composed, emphasizing a slow-and-close reading to see how these texts might ring true to me, to you, before progressing into a historical approach to see how writers ironically represent competing interests of a time period in loving relationships, before panning out to see how some perennial problem of love is treated by diverse authors from different time periods. This class is also writing-intensive and several essays will be assigned and work-shopped in class.

HIST 101 Evolution of Western Ideas and Institutions to 17 Century
This course traces the early development of Western civilization from the ancient Near East; Greece and Rome; the medieval civilization(s); to the European Renaissance and Reformation. Students will gain an understanding of history as a discipline; be able to place Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in historical context; explain the expansion of the West; and develop their critical thinking and communications skills.

PHIL 130 Philosophy & Persons
This course introduces students to the fundamental philosophical issues that bear on our understanding of persons in three equally weighted components, namely, Persons & Knowledge, Persons & Values, and Persons & Reality. Students will be able to explain a claim to truth, to explain theories of value in human life, and to describe theories of the metaphysical nature of human persons.

PHYS 111 College Physics I
Prerequisites: College algebra or equivalent, trigonometry and geometry. This lecture and discussion course, together with College Physics II, will provide a comprehensive, non-calculus introduction to physics. Vectors, forces, Newtonian mechanics of translational, rotational and oscillary motion.

PHYS 111L College Physics Lab 1
Co-requisite: PHYS 111
Laboratories cover selected topics in introductory mechanics, including freefall, uniform circular motion, work-energy, collisions, rotational motion, and harmonic motion. Experience and familiarity with basic measuring devices and simple mechanics equipment.  Understand measurement errors and their propagation, plotting and interpretation of data, the connection between theory and experiment for selected topics in elementary mechanics.

PHYS 112 College Physics II
Prerequisite: PHYS 111. This course is a continuation of Physics 111. Lecture and discussion of electricity and magnetism, sound, optics and selected topics from modern physics.

PHYS 112L College Physics Laboratory II
Pre- or Co-requisite: PHYS 112.
One two-hour laboratory period per week, to complement Physics 112.

STAT 103 Fundamentals of Statistics
This course provides an introduction to statistical reasoning and techniques in descriptive and inferential statistics and their applications in economics, education, genetics, medicine, physics, political science, and psychology. Not open to students who have completed ISOM 241.

Students will obtain a background in the fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics along with an understanding of their uses and misuses.  This course satisfies the quantitative literacy requirement of the core curriculum.