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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Our People

Loyola's Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) provides students with the technical skills and experience to become innovative leaders in environmental research, policy, sustainability, and stewardship.

IES also strives to bring scientists, social scientists, engineers, policymakers, government, community, and industry leaders together to share knowledge and develop real-world solutions to environmental problems. These are the folks who help make that happen.

Institute of Environmental Sustainability Administrative Team

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Nancy Tuchman, PhD Founding Dean, Institute of Environmental Sustainability BVM Hall 307 773.508.2475
Daniel S. Amick, PhD Associate Dean of Faculty, Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
BVM Hall 310 773.508.3446
Aaron N. Durnbaugh, MS Director of Sustainability BVM Hall 209 773.508.7558
Rachel Leamon, MA Assistant Dean,
Academic Advisor for BA Degrees within IES
BVM 308 773.508.8934
Christopher G. Peterson, PhD Associate Dean of Academics, Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Professor, Department of Biology
BVM Hall 316 773.508.2950
Linda Kurtos, JD and MS Director of Graduate and Certificate Programs BVM 210 773.508.2843
Enikö Rácz, MBA Assistant Director, Finance and Academic Business Operations BVM Hall 309 773.508.2142
Christine Wolff Program Manager, IJEP Coordinator BVM Hall 311 773.508.2141

IES Faculty

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Sasha Adkins, PhD and MPH Lecturer BVM 214 773-508-8922
Laura Brentner, PhD Lecturer BVM 215 773.508.3289
JoBeth D'Agostino, PhD Associate Provost for Curriculum Development
Associate Professor
Burrowes 209 773.508.7063
Ray Dybzinski, PhD Assistant Professor BVM Hall 312 773.508.2486
Tham C. Hoang, PhD Associate Professor
BVM Hall 314 773.508.8194
Ping Jing, PhD Associate Professor BVM Hall 423 773.508.7560
Benjamin Johnson, PhD Associate Professor
Environmental Historian
Crown Center 544 773.508.3082
Theresa Johnston, PhD Instructor BVM 403 773508-3615
Reuben P. Keller, PhD Associate Professor BVM Hall 401 773.508.2952
Roberta Lammers-Campbell, PhD Senior Lecturer Emerita LSB 241 773.508.3651 (LSC); 815.338.1032 (LUREC)
Nancy Landrum, PhD Professor BVM 315 773.508.8953
Richard (Max) Melstrom, PhD Endowed Assistant Professor of Ecological Economics BVM Hall 424 773.508.2948
Rev. Stephen Mitten, S.J., MS Advanced Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Research at LUREC BVM Hall 313; LUREC 773.508.8241
Timothy O’Brien, PhD Professor
Environmental Statistician
BVM Hall 413 773.508.2129
Brian Ohsowski, PhD Advanced Lecturer BVM 211 773.508.8920
Gregory Palmer, PhD Lecturer BVM 213 773-508-8254
Tania M. Schusler, PhD Assistant Professor
Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP) Coordinator
BVM Hall 425 773.508.8954
Mariana Valencia Mestre, PhD Lecturer BVM 422 773-508-8280

Part Time Faculty

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Jennifer Burke, JD Adjunct Instructor & Attorney WTC
Brendan Dailey, J.D. Adjunct Instructor WTC
Larry De Buhr, PhD Adjunct Instructor BVM 224 773.508.2842
Richard DiMaio, MS Adjunct Instructor BVM Hall 224 773.508.2842
Ann Erhardt, MM, ISSP-CSP Adjunct Faculty Remote (616) 889-5977
Paul Gross, PhD Adjunct Instructor BVM Hall 226 773.508.8923
Christine Hill, MEd Instructor, HS Dual Credit Highland Park High School
Howard Hill, MS Instructor, HS Dual Credit Highland Park High School 224.765.2269
Anuradha (Anu) Krishnaswamy Adjunct Instructor BVM 422 773.508.8980
Drew Monks, MS Research Associate
IES 219 773.508.2122
Beth Peterson, MSSE/ME Instructor, HS Dual Credit Highland Park High School G107 224.765.2275
Michael Ribant, PhD Adjunct Instructor BVM 226 773.508.8254
David Sargent, JD Adjunct Faculty 773.234.3001
Maureen Stroud, MBA and MS Adjunct Faculty
North America Sustainability Manager – Whirlpool

IES Staff Members

Name Title Office Phone and Email
Kevin Erickson Urban Agriculture Coordinator BVM Hall 222 773.508.8925
Shane Lishawa, MS Research Associate 872.202.3029
Zach Waickman, MBA Biodiesel Lab Manager IES 109 773.508.8852
Shanna Yetman, MFA Communications Coordinator BVM Hall 212 773.508.8334
Zhenwei Zhu, PhD Lab Manager - Loyola Environmental Testing Laboratory (LETL), Analytical Chemist BVM 317 773-508-2056

Affiliated Faculty

NameTitleOfficePhone and Email
Martin B. Berg, PhD Professor, Biology   773.508.8853 
James M. Calcagno, PhD Professor, Anthropology 
Director, Loyola Fellowship Office
BVM Hall 701 773.508.3472 
Domenic Castignetti, PhD Professor, Biology   773.508.3638 
M. Paul Chiarelli, PhD Professor, Chemistry   773.508.3106 
Elizabeth Coffman, PhD Associate Professor of Communications
Documentary Studies, Environmental Advocacy,
Media Outreach


Alanah Fitch, PhD Professor, Chemistry   773.508.3119 
Connie Fletcher, PhD Associate Professor, School of Communication SOC 210 312.915.6819
William C. French, PhD Associate Professor, Theology   773.508.2356 
John P. Frendreis, PhD Professor, Political Science   773.508.3054 
Timothy Hoellein, PhD Assistant Professor, Biology   773.508.8859 
Theodore Karamanski, PhD Professor, History 
Public History Graduate Director
Crown Center 517 773.508.2684 
John J. Kelly, PhD Professor, Biology   773.508.7097 
Konstantin Läufer, PhD Professor and Chairperson of Computer Science LT-531A 312.915.7983 
Mark A. Pollock, PhD Associate Professor, School of Communication 
Program Director, Communication Studies
Lewis Towers 907 312.915.6912 
Martina Schmeling, PhD Associate Professor, Chemistry
Graduate Program Director
Flanner Hall 408 773.508.3124