Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Writing Intensive Requirement

Students should expect that virtually all courses within the SES curricula will include some writing component. Beyond this, the University requires students complete sections of two courses specifically designated as ‘Writing Intensive’.  Prior to enrolling in a ‘Writing Intensive’ course section, students must pass (with a grade of C- or higher) UCWR 110 [College Writing Seminar: Writing Responsibly].  UCWR is typically taken in a student’s freshman year.

Sections of courses that are designated ‘Writing Intensive’ are taught with a special emphasis on developing student writing skills.  Writing-Intensive sections are identified with a ‘W’ as the last character in the section number.  Students within Writing-Intensive sections will be given a variety of writing assignments throughout the semester that will be integrated closely with the learning objectives in the course.   Writing Intensive course sections are offered by most academic Departments and Schools… the requirement need not be filled by courses offered within one’s major.

This requirement is intended to ensure that students continue to develop their writing skills throughout their undergraduate years.  As such, the program specified that no more than one writing-intensive course per year can be applied to fulfilling the requirement.  Writing-Intensive courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better to count towards graduation.

Transfer students who have completed a two semesters of college composition with a C- or better at their previous institution, or have taken a composition course deemed equivalent to UCWR 110 are not required to taken UCWR 110 at Loyola.  Students who transfer in with 59 or fewer transfer credits (completed prior to matriculation) must take two writing-intensive course during their undergraduate career at Loyola; students transferring 60 – 89 credit hours must take one writing-intensive course during their undergraduate career at Loyola; students transferring 90 or more credit hours are considered to have fulfilled their writing-intensive requirement.