Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Five-Year Dual Degree with Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Earn a BS/MBA or BA/MBA

Solving the world’s environmental crises depends on how well businesses and consumers understand the implications of their products and practices, as well as how business leaders adopt strategies that allow for sustainability and profit to coexist. Loyola’s five year dual-degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies and Business Administration introduces students to the fundamental issues involved in global, environmental and ethical business practices. The academic content and direct, hands-on experiences within the Bachelors degrees will provide a base from which to develop skills and knowledge in the MBA program to promote and implement sustainable business practices.

Students interested in pursuing one of the five-year dual-degree program will complete all normal requirements for a BA in Environmental studies or a BS in Environmental Science. During their junior year they will take (and pass) the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and apply Loyola's Quinlan School of Business Graduate Program.

Dual-degree students may take two graduate courses that count toward the MBA during their senior year in lieu of Environmental Science/Studies electives. Students complete the degree requirements for a BS in Environmental Science or BA in Environmental Studies after four years and complete the MBA at the end of the fifth year. Note: The Quinlan School of Business Graduate Program abides by a quarter system rather than a semester system.

The MBA program is an 18-course program (54 hours) that includes the following required courses:

Prerequisite Knowledge: ISOM 400 Quantitative Methods
(can be waived with grade of B or above in MATH 131 or 161)

Fundamental Core Courses (3–7):

  • ACCT 400 Financial Accounting for Business Decisions
    (can be taken as a free elective in senior year)
  • MARK 460 Marketing Management
    (can be taken a free elective in senior year)
  • ISOM 491 Managerial Statistics
    (can be waived with grade of B or above in STAT 103)
  • ECON 420 Managerial Economics
    (prerequisite of ISOM 400 or the equivalent)
    (can be waived with grade or B or above in ECON 201 & 202)
  • FINC 450 Financial Management
    (prerequisite of ACCT 400 or the equivalent)
  • HRER 417/MGMT 470 Managing and Motivating in the Workplace
  • OPMG 480 Introduction to Operations Management

Ethics Course: MGMT 441 Business Ethics

Global Course, choose one:

  • ACCT 401 International Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • ECON 424 International Economics
  • FINC 455 International Finance
  • HRER 422 Global Human Resource Management
  • HRER 502 Global Employment Relations
  • MARK 465 International Marketing
  • MGMT 443 Global Environmental Ethics
  • MGMT 446 International Business Ethics
  • OPMG 486 Global Supply Chain Management

Advanced Leadership Core: Students must complete one course in five of the following eight disciplines. (5 courses, 15 hours)
Fundamental Core Courses do not apply here.

  • Accounting (ACCT)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Finance (FINC)
  • Human Resource and Employment Relations (HRER)
  • Information Systems Management (INFS, incl. ISOM 484)
  • Management, incl. Sport Management (MGMT)
  • Marketing (MARK)
  • Operations Management (OPMG incl. ISOM 484)

Electives/Areas of Concentration: Students may choose three upper level courses in one area of concentration for their degree (Accounting requires four courses). Students not wishing to concentrate may take these three courses from any area.

Concluding Integrative Experience: MGMT 430 Strategy and Leadership

5-year program tips

In addition to completing the normal requirements for the BS Environmental Science or BA Environmental Studies students planning to enter the MBA program should do the following:

Freshman/Sophomore Years: Arrange undergraduate course scheduling to preserve six hours of free electives until their senior year. During their first two years, students should take ECON 201 and ECON 202, which will satisfy the social science requirement of the Core Curriculum and allow the student to waive out of ECON 420. Take MATH 131 or 161 to waive out of ISOM 400.

Junior Year (2nd semester): Take the GMAT and make formal application to the MBA program. Take STAT 103 to waive out of ISOM 491.

Senior Year: Take ACCT 400 and MARK 460, which will count as free electives toward the BS or BA degree. Complete all requirements for the BS or BA.

Fifth Year: During the fifth year, students who have followed the above directions will have a total of 14 MBA courses remaining. These courses can be completed full-time at the rate of three or four per quarter (including the summer quarter). Students also have the option to complete the MBA program on a part-time basis (usually one or two courses per quarter).

Students should contact the Quinlan School of Business for specific MBA requirements and an academic calendar.