Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


Five-Year Dual Degree with
Master of Public Policy (MPP) 

13 course MPP program (37 credit hours)

All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted

Senior Year Requirements for MPP Program

Students in the 5-year MPP program will take the following core courses required by the MPP program in their senior year:

MPP 400 Policy Design and Analysis OR MPP 404 Public Policy Process
MPP 403 Public Budget and Finance OR MPP 408 Political Feasibility Analysis

2 of the following courses (or other 300-level IES course relevant to student’s career aims with program directors’ approval):

ECON 328 Environmental Economics
PLSC 392 Environmental Politics
ENVS 380 Geographic Information Systems
COMM 306 Environmental Advocacy
PLSC 354 Global Environmental Politics

The requirements for the Masters Degree are as follows:

Core Courses (25 credit hours)

MPP 404 The Public Policy Process
MPP 400 Policy Design and Analysis
MPP 403 Public Budgeting and Finance
MPP 401 Analytical Tools for Policy Analysis
MPP 405 Statistical Methods of Analysis for Public Policy I
MPP 406 Statistical Methods of Analysis for Public Policy II
MPP 500 Policy Evaluation
MPP 502 Professional Development (1 credit hour)
MPP 501 Internship or MPP 503 Capstone Experience

Students must complete at least 12 credits of electives apart from the required core courses for the MPP degree. (Two SES 300-level courses will count as electives toward the student’s overall required credits for the MPP degree.)