Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Action & Leadership Minor

Pre-Fall 2015

This interdisciplinary minor comprises coursework in the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The minor is ideal for students looking to augment their major field of study with environmental coursework, enhance their credentials with hands-on experience, and develop skills in effective communication and group organization.

This minor will provide students both in the sciences and the humanities, an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that will enable them to better apply expertise developed in their major toward dealing with environmental issues or marketing themselves to the burgeoning group of employers who recognize the need for environmental awareness.

This minor requires seven courses (21 credit hours). Courses are partitioned among four categories All students are required to select one course from the application category, which serves as the capstone for the minor and includes hands-on learning experience.

NOTE: students pursuing both a major in ENVS and an ENVS or EAL minor cannot take more than 3 classes that count toward both degrees.

Background & Perspective (2 courses from list)
ANTH 104   The Human Ecological Footprint 
ANTH 303   People & Conservation 
ENGL 288   Nature in Literature 
HIST 292    History of the U.S. Environment
ENVS 204   Evolution & Genetics 
ENVS 207   Plants & Civilization 
ENVS 214   Weather & Climatology 
ENVS 273   Energy & the Environment 
ENVS 281   Human Impact on the Environment 
ENVS 282   The Human Environment

Ethics & Society  (1 course from list)
COMM 215  Ethics & Communication (pre-req.: COMM 150 or 160)
COMM 227  Social Justice & Communication (pre-req. : COMM 150 or 160 or permission)
PHIL 187    Environmental Ethics 
PSYC 275   Social Psychology 
SOCL 234   City, Suburbs & Beyond 
SOCL 235   Communities 
SOWK 370  Cultural Diversity 
THEO 184    Moral Problems : Ecology Crisis

Policy, Leadership & Action (3 courses from list)
COMM306   Environmental Advocacy (Sophomore standing required)
COMM 307  Rhetoric of Social Change: Agitation & Resistance  (prerequisite: COMM 150 or 160)
ECON 328   Environmental Economics  (prerequisite: ECON 201)
MGMT 201  Managing People & Organizations  (Junior standing required)
MGMT 318  Organization Development & Change  (Junior standing, prerequisite: MGMT 301)
MGMT 360  Values-Based Leadership  (Junior standing, prerequisite: MGMT 301)
ENVS 283   Environmental Sustainability 
PLSC 392   Environmental Politics 
PLSC 354   Global Environmental Politics 
SOCL 272   Environmental Sociology 
SOWK 303  Group Process  (Junior standing required)

Application  1 course from list
ENVS350a  Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP): Water (permission required)
ENVS 350f 
Solutions to Environmental Problems(STEP): Food Systems (permission required)
ENVS 390  Integrative Environmental Seminar  (Senior standing required)
ENVS 391  Independent Environmental Research  (permission required)
ENVS 395  Environmental Internship  (permission required)

EAL minor courses 

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