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School of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Science Minor

This program provides preparation for the ever-increasing number of careers in which knowledge of environmental issues is essential. Environmental issues are at the forefront of global concerns as the expanding world population continues to tax resources and threaten ecosystems. Thus, there is an increasing need and demand within professions such as law, politics, management, journalism, education, energy technology and economics for individuals who can apply knowledge of environmental issues to aid in development and implementation of new ideas for the future.

Requirements: Seven courses totaling 17-21 hours. We suggest that students complete courses in the first section before proceeding to the second.

NOTE: students pursuing both a Major in ENVS and an ENVS or EAL minor cannot take more than 3 classes that count toward both degrees.

l.   Scientific Background (4 courses, 8-12 hours)
     ENVS 204 Evolution & Genetics
     ENVS 207 Plants & Civilization
     ENVS 213 Earth Science: The Changing Planet
     ENVS 214 Weather & Climatology
     ENVS 399 Independent Research*
     ENVS 300 Special Topics**

 ll.  Environmental Courses (3 courses, 9 hours)
     ENVS 273 Energy & the Environment
     ENVS 281 Human Impact on the Environment
     ENVS 282 The Human Environment
     ENVS 283 Environmental Sustainability

*  This course requires prior approval from a member of the Environmental Science faculty and may entail either library research on a specific topic (1 credit hour), or completion of a research project on a subject related to the faculty advisor's research (1-4 credit hours).
**  PRE-REQUISITE: 2 courses from section ll. This course entails lectures, readings and discussions on current topics in Physical or Biological Science. Permission of the Chair required.

Appropriate substitutions from other departments may be allowed.

Contact Dr. Christopher Peterson (BVM Hall 316 - 773.508.2950) to obtain application forms and to discuss your interests and needs.

ENVS minor course descriptions

ENVS minor planning sheet