Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses are taught by experienced professionals in the sustainability field. See our faculty bios here.

You must take Course 1 before taking any other class in the sequence. Course 4 can only be taken upon completion of all three of the previous courses.

Classes are online with no set meeting time.  Students access the class on their own schedule.  Readings, assignments, participation and other assessments will be assigned and due each week.

You must take Course 1 first and Course 4 last.  Course 2 and 3 can be taken in either order, but to complete all four course in one academic year, you must take the classes in sequential order.  

Talk to your Academic Advisor for specific details. 

Register for both during the fall semester 2018 registration period. Graduate registration begins March 30; Undergraduate registration begins April 16. 

Register for both during the spring 2019 registration period.  Graduate registration begins November 2; Undergraduate registration begins November 6.  

We recommend you take 4 additional courses or 12 credit hours.  When added to the two online courses, you will have an 18 credit hour load per semester.  Talk to your academic advisor for more details.

You must apply to be accepted into Loyola University Chicago. If you'd like to request some more information about the program, you can do so, here. You can view the Graduate School acceptance process here. Then you may register for Courses 1 and 2 for Fall 2018 semester.  

Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you need additional information, please contact us.