Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

BS in Environmental Science

Environmental Science students complete coursework that includes both a heavy dose of basic science requirements and courses spanning a variety of disciplines pertinent to understanding the context in which environmental challenges reside. This provides students with a solid interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in laboratory and field research and informed by the humanities and social sciences.  Unlike other SES BS degrees (Conservation & Restoration, Food Systems/Sustainable Agriculture), students in the general B.S. program have the latitude to choose science electives that meet their particular needs/interests.

Students have the option of completing a four-year program to earn a BS in Environmental Science, or opting for one of our five year dual degree programs and earn a Master of Business Administration; Master of Public Policy; or Master of Public Health.

The dual-degree program provides a foundation for careers in environment-related businesses or organizations working in environmental fields. Graduates with the background in science that is provided by the undergraduate portion of this program are qualified to apply later for certification as registered environmental professionals, or to pursue graduate education in the environmental sciences.

Environmental Science students have two options to expand their course work into public health. Students can choose to: 

  1. Take coursework for a Public Health Concentration or 
  2. Apply to the five-year dual-BS/MPH degree program