Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Requirements for BS Envs Science pre Fall 2014

All 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

Requirements common to ENVS BS and BA degrees
(18-19 credit hours)

STAT 103 Fundamentals of Statistics
ECON 328 Environmental Economics (pre-requisite: ECON 201)

One of the following:
THEO 184 Moral Problems: Ecology Crisis
PHIL 187 Environmental Ethics

One of the following:
SOCL 272 Environmental Sociology
ANTH 104 The Human Ecological Footprint
PLSC 392 Environmental Politics

One of the following:
ENVS 283 Environmental Sustainability
ENVS 350 a Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP): Water (4 credits)
ENVS 350 f Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP): Food Systems (4 credits)

ENVS 390 Integrative Environmental Seminar (Senior Standing)

Basic Science Requirements (28 credit hours)

BIOL 101 & BIOL 111 Introductory Biology I & Lab (4 credit hours)
BIOL 102 & BIOL 112 Introductory Biology II & Lab (4 credit hours)
BIOL 265 Ecology (3 credit hours)
MATH 131 & 132 Calculus I & II (6 credit hours)

One of the following:
CHEM 101 & CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry I & Lab (4 credit hours)
CHEM105/105L (4 credit hours)

One of the following:
CHEM 102 & 112 Introductory Chemistry II & Lab (4 credit hours)
CHEM 106/106L Basic Inorganic Chemistry

One of the following:
ENVS 273 Energy & The Environment
ENVS 214 Weather & Climatology

Electives (15 or more credit hours)

Choose among the list of Electives 
OR Choose electives within selected minors (Biostats; Bioethics; Environmental Action & Leadership; Urban Studies/Sustainability)
OR Other with approval of Department Chair

For students interested in pursuing the five-year dual-degree B.S./M.B.A program, these elective credits can be filled by Graduate-Level business courses that count toward the M.B.A. The M.B.A. requires 54 credit hours of graduate coursework in business. Students must complete the GMAT satisfactorily and be accepted into the Quinlan School of Business at the end of their junior year. In their senior year, students begin to take courses toward the M.B.A. degree. Students complete the degree requirements for and receive a B.S. in environmental sciences in their fourth year, then continue in their fifth year to complete the M.B.A. Students are advised to contact the Quinlan School of Business for M.B.A. requirements and calendar. Note: Courses in the Quinlan School of Business are on the quarter system.