Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

BS in Environmental Science: Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Biodiversity at local, regional, and global scales currently faces unprecedented threats from a range of pressures, including climate change, invasive species, and habitat alteration. Reversing trends in biodiversity loss can only be achieved with a clear understanding of the underlying ecology of ecosystems, and the ways the humans interact with and affect these ecosystems. This can lead to effective conservation and restoration projects and policies.

Students studying Conservation and Restoration develop a solid foundation in environmental science, environmental economics and policy, and the ways that society can effectively enhance biodiversity. Coursework, labs, and field experiences will give students a working knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in the Conservation and Restoration fields, the ability to identify major threats to biodiversity, and experience developing projects that address these threats. Working with faculty mentors offers additional research opportunities at local, national, and international scales. Many opportunities are also available to take courses and engage in conservation/restoration activities at LUREC, complete internships, and/or to study abroad.

The BS in Conservation and Restoration prepares students for careers in government agencies, conservation focused non-government organizations, consulting, outreach and extension, industry, or to pursue advanced study in ecology, conservation, natural resource management, or other areas that involve interactions between human and natural systems.