Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Requirements for BA Envs Studies pre Fall 2012

BA Environmental Studies Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies students complete coursework spanning a variety of disciplines pertinent to the understanding of environmental issues.  This provides students with a solid interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes appreciation of the human imprint on the environmental landscape, issues of environmental sustainability, and the need to assess environmental problems by integrating economic, societal, ethical, political, and historical perspectives.

BA Environmental Studies Major Requirements
(63-64 total credit hours)

Common Requirements (24 credit hours)
     ANTH 104 The Human Ecological Footprint
     STAT 103 Fundamentals of Statistics
     ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics
     ECON 328 Environmental Economics
     ENVS 283 Environmental Sustainability
     ENVS 390 Integrative Environmental Seminar (Senior Standing)
  One of the following:   
     THEO 184 Moral Problems: Ecology Crisis OR
     PHIL 187 Environmental Ethics
  One of the following:   
     HIST 292 U.S. Environmental History OR
     SOCL 272 Environmental Sociology OR
     PLSC/ENVS 392/235 Environmental Politics

Basic Science Requirements (14 - 15 credit hours
  One of the following Chemical Sciences:  
     CHEM 101  
     CHEM 151  
  One of the following Life Sciences:    
     BIOL 101
     ENVS 204 Evolution & Genetics
     ENVS 207 Plants & Civilization   
  One of the following Physical Sciences:    
     PHYS 111
     ENVS 206 Concepts in Physics:Matter
     ENVS 214 Earth Sci:Weather-Climatology 
     ENVS 273 Energy and the Environment 
  One of the following Ecological Sciences:    
     BIOL 265  
     ENVS 281 Human Impact on the Environment
     ENVS 282 The Human Environment 
  2 Laboratory Courses Required:    
     CHEM 151 (0 credit)
     CHEM 111 (1 credit)
     PHYS 131  (1 credit)
     BIOL 111   (1 credit)
     BIOL 266 Ecology Lab (2 credits)
     ENVS 398 (Special Topics: Biodiesel Lab)
Electives (15  or more credit hours)

Concentration = at lease 3 courses from one category
or Choose among the list of electives
or Choose electives within selected minors (Biostats; Bioethics; Environmental Action & Leadership; Urban Studies/Sustainability; OR other with approval of Department Chair)

     ANTH 303 People & Conversation
     ANTH 320 Primatology
     ANTH 360 Issues in Archeology: Environmental Archeology
     ANTH 361 Cultural Ecology
     ANTH 362 Issues in Biol. Anthropology: Evolution of Disease
     CMUN 230 Argument & Advocacy
     CMUN 329 Environmental Advocacy
     CMUN 337 Rhetoric of Change
     ENGL 288 Nature in Literature
     ENGL 310 Advanced Writing - Ecology
     HIST 292* Environmental History
     HIST 300 Topics: Urban Environment
     HIST 301 Disease & Health in History
     MARK 341 Global Marketing
     ENVS 207* Plants & Civilization
     ENVS 204* Evolution & Genetics
     ENVS 213 Earth: The Changing Planet
     ENVS 214* Weather & Climatology
     ENVS 281* Human Impact on the Environment
     ENVS 282* The Human Environment
     PHIL 187* Environmental Ethics
     PHIL 389 Contemporary Issues: Technology & Ecology
     PLSC 354 Global Environmental Politics
     PLSC/ENVS 392/235* Environmental Politics
     SOCL 272* Environmental Sociology
     BIET/SOCL 297/126 Science, Technology & Society
     THEO 184* Moral Problems - Ecological Crisis
     THEO 344 Theology & Ecology
     ENVS 395 Environmental Internship
     ENVS 398 Special Topics
     ENVS 399 Directed Readings
     ENVS 391 Independent Research
     UNIV 350  Solutions to Environmental Problems

* course can serve as elective if not taken to fill other requirements of the major