Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is tasked with implementing the Loyola Climate Action Plan and sustainability elements of Plan2020, Loyola's Strategic Plan. New projects and initiatives are reviewed and considered by this group before they are advanced for university support or funding. Anyone interested in presenting a sustainability project should contact Loyola's Director of Sustainability, Aaron Durnbaugh for more information. adurnbaugh@luc.edu

  • Aaron Durnbaugh, Director of Sustainability, School of Environmental Sustainability – Chair
  • Nancy Tuchman, Director, School of Environmental Sustainability
  • Kana Henning, Asst. Vice President, Facilities
  • Deb Schmidt-Rogers, Residence Life and Student Development Representative
  • Judy Malas, Student Government of Loyola Chicago Executive Sustainability Officer and Chair of The Green Initiative Fund, SGLC
  • Amanda Huegelmann, Student Environmental Alliance Co-President, SEA
  • Jo Beth D’Agostino, Assoc. Provost, Office of the Provost
  • Kevin Stevens, Dean, Quinlan School of Business 

The Green Initiative Fund Council

A subcommittee of Student Government at Loyola Chicago, this group of students oversees Loyola's student sustainability fund, TGIF.  http://luc.orgsync.com/org/thegreeninitiativefund73347

CampuScape Committee

Co-chairs: William Curtin, Aaron Durnbaugh
This committee meets each month to discuss matters related to the landscape, trees, and wildlife on the lakeside campuses.  We encourage any student, staff or faculty that is working on a project related to Loyola’s outdoors to share their work with the committee.  If you would like to present or simply attend and listen, please contact Aaron Durnbaugh for more information.

Transportation Committee

Co-chairs: Jennifer Clark, Nick Memisovski
This committee meets each month to discuss matters related to transportation, biking, public transit, parking, shuttles and pedestrian issues.  Members include representatives from the Office of Sustainability, Student Development, Facilities, Capital Development, Human Resources and United Student Government Association. 

Please note: All committee meetings are open to attendance. All committees are voluntary and have limited authority but are opportunities to share ideas and concerns with the Loyola Administration. If you are interested in officially joining one of these committees, or wish to be added to an agenda, please send an email to sustainability@luc.edu describing your interest, qualifications and commitment to monthly participation.

Campus Green Teams and Sustainability Committees

Many Departments and Schools at Loyola have organized green teams or committees at various times. These include University Libraries, Information Technology Services, Marketing and Communications, BVM Hall and the Health Sciences Campus. You can find resources to start your own Green Team here and if you'd like to invite us to come and talk with your group about what your office or department can do to contribute to sustainability, please contact us at sustainability@luc.edu.

Past or Retired Committees

A Bicycling Transportation working group with representatives from across the campus met in 2014 to educate and promote safe cycling strategies while highlighting the health and "quality of life" benefits that come with pedaling to campus.

Waste Reduction Committee

This committee was active from 2006 until 2010 and is credited with many of the recycling initiatives seen on campus today. It is in the process of being reconvened to ensure steady progress as we reduce our waste.

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee was active from 2012-2013 and helped with drafting the initial Sustainability Strategic Plan.

Climate Action Plan Working Group

During 2014/2015 a small working group met to develop Loyola's Climate Action Plan. For a full list of members and the process for the plan's development, click here.

Faith and Sustainability

A group of faculty, staff and students met multiple times each semester to discuss how sustainability actions can be driven by faith and spirituality.  The cornerstone of Loyola’s efforts to be more sustainability are grounded in our faith tradition and this group met to network, brainstorm and support the collective efforts. This work continues although this group doesn't meet on a regular schedule.