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School of Environmental Sustainability

Climate Change

Loyola recognizes the impact of global climate change on vulnerable populations and ecosystems around the world and in our backyard.  Researchers are exploring climate change’s impact on natural and social systems from Chicago to Alaska to Vietnam.  Locally we are reducing our footprint and making our community more resilient through human networks and the built infrastructure.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Loyola conducts its Greenhouse Gas Inventory annually to measure our climate change emissions.  With 2008 as our baseline year, we have shown emissions decreases annually, especially when compared to the number of students and square foot of facilities we manage.  Click here to view Loyola's Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Climate Adaptation

As conscientious stewards of the resources we manage, we are preparing for a future impacted by climate change.  The buildings, landscapes and other assets under our care may be impacted by a changing climate.  A collaborative project with the Field Museum, the Nature Conservancy, and Notre Dame created reports looking at current landscape management techniques and suggested climate-smart recommendations for the future.  An internal report by the Office of Sustainability considers what Loyola has done to date to prepare for climate change.  Survey of Climate Adaptation Resources for Loyola University Chicago Chicago. 

Individual Action

There are many things that you can do to address global climate change.  Here are 5 actions you can take to reduce your climate footprint.

  1. Turn off lights and electrics when not in use
  2. Don’t heat or cool spaces that aren’t being used
  3. Use natural daylight and fresh air when you can
  4. Go local, especially where you work and what you eat
  5. Choose lower carbon modes of transportation

Climate Change Science

Many researchers at Loyola are working on topics that directly and indirectly study the impacts of climate change.  Visit our research page to see work that Loyola is doing to study and combat climate change. Read more about our research

Climate Change Education

One of Loyola’s most important roles is engaging students from across the university in understanding climate change locally and globally.  Through an annual conference, showing films, hosting speakers, sponsoring symposia and engaging our community we are addressing climate change head-on. As part of the annual Energy Week, each year Loyola celebrates the Feast of St. Francis and explores the responsibility the Catholic community has in addressing climate change.  

Climate Change Resources

The City of Chicago has taken a lead in addressing climate change through the Chicago Climate Action Plan.  Multiple organizations have stepped forward to serve as a resource for universities and institutions as they come to understand their role in a global issue.  Check these links for more information:

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