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Energy Use

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Loyola pushes the boundary of what a University can do with new buildings in an urban setting. We explore every opportunity to optimize our spaces and decarbonize our systems through massive conservation efforts, deep energy efficiency, fuel switching, and engaging our community on energy issues.

Overall energy use has reduced 33% from our baseline of 2008. Loyola's smart infrastructure is sustainable infrastructure.

Energy Efficient Design and Renewables

Many of Loyola's buildings employ sustainable technologies. There have been significant retrofits to heating and cooling infrastructure and energy efficiency upgrades throughout Loyola. Read more...

Green Laboratories

Some of the most resource intensive activities on a college campus are those connected with our laboratories. Read more...

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Loyola is committed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Buildings for all new construction. Read more...

Green Data Centers

Loyola recognizes the impact computing equipment can have on energy consumption and cost to students. Read more...

Net Zero Energy Campus

Loyola University's Retreat & Ecology Campus (LUREC) is working toward the goal of running the entire campus on renewable energy. Read more...

Solar Thermal

The Green Initiative Fund awarded a student $10,000 to conduct a feasibility study for heating hot water using the sun on Loyola residence halls. Read more...

Electric Vehicle Charging

Loyola provides electric vehicle charging stations at the Lake Shore Campus garages. Charging stations are available in private garages near Water Tower Campus. For more information visit Campus Transportation