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Farmers Markets

The Loyola Farmers Markets

The Loyola Farmers Market brings locally grown produce and food to neighbors, increasing food access and supporting a local food economy. 

  • Loyola Farmers Market held every Monday during the open market season (June to October) and is the result of a student project in STEP Food Systems.
  • Growers and producers from the region: farmers from northern Illinois, Benton Harbor, Michigan, and the Chicago area.
  • Loyola's Urban Ag program has a stand at the market which sells produce grown on campus.

The Loyola Farmers Market is successful due to student involvement on many levels such as volunteering, assisting in the management and performing their favorite songs.

As the Farmers Market becomes an established place to shop for locally grown and produced foods in the community, increased access to healthy foods is now made possible at the market for recipients of the Supplemental Food Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as the Loyola Farmers Market accepts the LINK card as payment.