Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Green Labs

When we consider the footprint of our activities at Loyola, one of the most resource-intense activities are those connected with our laboratories.  From the chemicals that we use, to the waste we produce, to the energy we consume, labs play a significant role and are a great opportunity to be more thoughtful with our practices and policies. 

Harvard’s Nocera Laboratory, third floor chemistry labs before and after renovation, Source: http://www.i2sl.org

This page lists a number of resources that can come in handy as you try to make your lab more sustainable.  If you have ideas on how to improve this page, please send these to sustainability@luc.edu

Sustainable Lab Checklist  - This list was created specific for Loyola's lab spaces but draws from many other universities.

Waste and Recycling Poster  - Just because it comes from a lab, doesn't keep it from being recycled. If you are unsure, contact your lab technicians or send an email and we will help if we can. 

Shut the Sash Sign  - Feel free to print and post this poster near vent hoods to remind users to shut the hood when it is not being used. 

Facilities Work Order Request - If some system is not working, such as temperature or lighting, place a work order with Facilities.

Sustainability Presentation - If you would like to request a presentation on sustainability at Loyola, please contact us.

Other resources:

  1. Harvard’s Best Practices Guide for Lab Sustainability.
  2. MIT’s Working Green at MIT
  3. The Green Labs @ Penn Program
  4. US EPA and DOE’s Labs21 Program