Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Green Threads

Loyola's Dining Partner

Green Threads is the overall summary of Aramark's commitment to environmental sustainability.  Partnering with Loyola, Aramark strives to reduce the University's carbon footprint through dining options and operations.

  • Tray-free dining in the two buffet-style dining halls: Plate waste is reduced by 25%-30% per person and saves more than 500 gallons of water annually by not having to wash trays
  • Sustainable Seafood Procurement Policy
  • Locally sourced fruit, vegetables and baked goods
  • Fair Trade products used in dining and sold in cafes
  • Donates the waste vegetable oil to Loyola's Biodiesel Production Program
  • Holds a "Meatless Monday" menu in the dining halls
  • Vegetarian and vegan eating options

To learn more about Aramark's Green Thread at Loyola, check out Sustainability with Loyola Dining.