Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

John Felice Rome Center

Loyola University Chicago has made a commitment to sustainability excellence across its entire system.  This includes green buildings and high-performing infrastructure (campus), academic integration of environmental science and sustainability across the classroom and research experience of students and faculty (curriculum), and in co-curricular programs, experiential learning and community outreach (culture) of Loyola.

The Felice Center in Rome, Italy has taken this commitment to heart as part of the international experience of a transformative education.  Initiatives underway include:

  • Highly efficient controls of heating and cooling systems in the Information Commons
  • Edible gardens integrated with coursework and dining services
  • Passive stack ventilation systems reducing cooling demands in the Information Commons
  • Photovoltaic electricity production
  • Coursework that focuses on the natural and cultural history of Southern Europe, globalization and international relations and addressing sustainability and ethical issues in popular culture in Italy
  • Social justice volunteer opportunities at area community centers and refugee programs