Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Storm Water Management

Water use for irrigation has been decreased and the stormwater diversion from the sewer system back into Lake Michigan has been dramatically increased to 13 million gallons per year.  Green roofs have been installed and more are underway on over 50,000 square feet of roof space and will result in 8 LEED Certified buildings. Read more about our focus.

More information on our the physical campus aspects related to  sustainability efforts can be found on our interactive campus map.

Loyola has installed permeable pavers, drought-tolerant landscaping, rain-water collection cisterns, and living rooftops that all seek to reduce and divert stormwater run-off that otherwise would enter sewer systems, requiring energy-intensive cleaning and purification processes.

Our rain-water cisterns connect to Lake Michigan and feed back over 10 million gallons of water annually to the Great Lakes watershed.

Semi-permeable paving material is used on campus and semi-permeable artificial turf is used on Sean Earl Field inside the track, allowing rain-water to percolate into the ground.