Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Think Green & Give

Think Green and Give is a charitable collection event in which gently used, clean clothing and household  items, and nonperishable unopened food/toiletries are collected each May.  As students move out of the residence halls, they can be pressed for time or lack of space in the vehicle as they pack up.  At times students accumulate items that were useful during the school year but when re-evaluating for future use - they are no longer needed. Having collection bins available makes it convenient for students to donate and divert from landfills. 

Most of these items can be reused, recycled and donated to others.  Each year through Think Green and Give, an estimated 3,500 lbs pounds of useful items are collected and donated to those in need.  Instead of placing the items in a landfill, students engage in the "reuse and recycle" behavior. 

Student volunteers also contribute to the success of Think Green and Give with their time to help record and sort donated items.  Tracking what is diverted from landfill and donated to those in need gives the students the time to reflect upon on societal consumption behaviors.