Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

LUREC Campus

Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus is a ‘deep green’ facility that combines the natural, social and spiritual elements of sustainability

Our Campus seeks sustainability in these ways;
  • Water—LUREC utilizes a well and septic system conserving water and returning it to the aquifer. Restoration of on-site wetlands improves the site and the larger watershed.
  • Energy—LUREC’s Energy Master Plan calls for the site to be ‘Net-Zero’ creating as much energy as it uses through energy efficiency and renewable energy including a geothermal heat pump and solar and wind power.
  • Landscape—The farm and ongoing ecological restoration connect visitors to the rural nature of McHenry County through service.
  • Transportation—Local transit options include the METRA station in Woodstock. Contact staff to arrange a shuttle pickup.
  • Food—Healthy, local food is produced on-site by student farmers and our gourmet chef. Organic farming practices protect that ecology of the site and the people eating the products.
  • Waste—Nearly 80% of all waste produced at LUREC is either recycled or composted. We are working towards zero-waste leaving the site by green cleaning and procurement practices.

Exploring nature and service is unforgettable; adding the element of faith is transformative.