Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Off campus

Want to recycle, but live off campus?

Apartment Buildings with four units or less

  • City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation must provide tenants with blue bins. Work with your landlord and other tenants to set up recycling in your apartment building. Submit a request through 311 to request blue or black bins.

Apartment Buildings with more than four units and condo associations

  • Your landlord, management company, or condo association is to implement recycling for your building per Chicago's recycling ordinance
  • Check out Chicago Recycling Ordinance 11-5 for residential recycling
  • Call 311 to report that your building does not have recycling collection set up if you live in a building with 4 units or more
  • Become an advocate in your building and work with the landlord or management company to have recycling collection set up
  • If they still don’t recycle learn more about what you can do at this http://mybuildingdoesntrecycle.com/site.


Continue composting even if you live off-campus! There are many ways to do so.

  1. Participate in Loyola’s Compost Bucket Program if you are near campus and can commit to the agreement terms for the program.
  2. Have worms eat your food scraps. Go here to learn how to vermicompost. 
  3. Loyola's Winthrop Garden (north end of the Lakeshore campus) accepts plant-based organics only.  Your vegetable, fruit, spent coffee and filters, tea, and egg-shells can go in the compost pile at this location.
  4. Compost in your back yard. Check out the University of Illinois Extension or the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition to learn how!
  5. If you prefer not to get your hands dirty, have your food scraps hauled away. Contact your waste hauler for details. There are also haulers that specialize in picking up compost. Some of these companies include WasteNot Compost, Collective Resource, and Resource Center.