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IES staff discussing how to reduce waste with Loyola students.

Loyola University Chicago and the School of Environmental Sustainability (SES) are committed to the advancing an appreciation of the environment and societal understanding of our role as care-takers. In the urban setting of the Chicago metropolitan area there are many opportunities to get involved in initiatives and projects that have a real impact.

We have created a number of resources which should be of use to your sustainability efforts. While it is critical that we are aware of global and local environmental issues, it is even more important that we take action. By acting locally we can have a global impact.

If you have a question about sustainability at Loyola, in Chicago or around the globe, please contact us and we will work with you to find an answer. If you have ideas for improvements that can be made on campus, in the classroom or somewhere at Loyola, please share them. We are always looking for innovative ideas.

If you would like to talk with us about a donation to advance our ambitions to be the most sustainable Jesuit University, contact us to learn more about our many exciting initiatives.

Sustainability isn't something that Loyola can do alone, we need your participation and action, whether you attend here, work here or live here.

SES is advancing Loyola's work to create a more sustainable university community. Educating students, staff and faculty on ways to build conservation practices into daily behaviors is important while at Loyola and has a ripple effect beyond the campus over time.  We are excited to see what you will do!