Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


Faculty members have a unique responsibility to set an example for the University community.

Whether you explore social, economic or environmental issues in your coursework or research, you have an opportunity to add to Loyola’s sustainability work. As Loyola faculty, please consider how to bring your scholarly endeavors to advancing sustainability at the University.

Integrating Sustainability into your Teaching & Research

The Office of Sustainability supports faculty and student research efforts that address issues of sustainability where possible. One of our most important roles is to track and share information on the University’s sustainability performance and opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Click on our Metrics and Monitoring page for examples of data and analyses that we’ve conducted on campus. We are always seeking research partnerships to improve our management of the Universities’ infrastructure, operation, policies and practices. We have listed some specific needs that could be incorporated into faculty or student research projects. Please contact us for more details.

Lake Shore Campus Energy Use

Further research is needed related to:

  • Energy use at the building level,
  • Energy savings through behavior change and improved scheduling,
  • Renewable energy production capacity (especially solar thermal and photovoltaics),
  • Renewable power purchase agreements.

Lake Shore and Water Tower Water Use

  • How to reduce water use in residence halls?

Alternative Transportation Options

Additional information is needed that:

  • Encourages more students biking, car sharing and car pooling for all campuses, and shuttle options at the Health Sciences Campus.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Deeper analysis is needed in these areas:

  • International Travel
  • Commuting Choices
  • Paper Procurement
  • Carbon Offsets

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System submittals

Analysis is needed related to:

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Sustainability in the Curriculum
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Green Procurement Policies
  • Waste Reduction
  • Sustainable Investing

In your research, grants are available to support sustainability around campus. Consider using our campuses, our facilities or partnering with the Centers of Excellence to advance sustainability in your work. Even if it may not be your core interest, your commitment to sustainability will be recognized and supported by the University.

Consider teaching a summer course at the Loyola University Chicago Retreat & Ecology Campus in McHenry County, Illinois.

Consider leading a sustainability focused Alternative Break Immersion through Campus Ministries. 

Health & Benefits Actions

Human Resources and Academic Affairs have programs that encourage healthy living and sustainable life/work arrangements.

Greening Your Work

Resources are available to green your office, your commute, event or laboratory.  Professional development that adds sustainability into your field of expertise is actively supported here at Loyola.

  • Green Leader Trainings
  • Professional Development Grants

With teaching and research, finding time to make your office space or departmental events more environmentally sustainable is possible. We have prepared some guides for you to use to increase conservation and efficiency.

Green Office: A simple guide with ideas and actions for making you office or workspace more green.

Green Events: A set of guidelines for running meetings or events, from the small to the very large. Checklists let you see how green you can make your event.

Green Labs: Resources to help make your laboratory "greener," from posters and checklists to online examples of transformation.

Fresh and Healthy

You can also take part in the local food movement by supporting the student-run community gardening and sustainable agriculture endeavors.

  • Visit the Farmers Market at Albion and Sheridan through to mid-October for fresh, locally grown and produced foods

Serve on a Sustainability Committee

Participating in the Sustainability Initiative directly is another way your actions can help advance sustainability at Loyola. You can choose from:

  • Serving on one of the Sustainability Strategic Planning Committees
  • Delivering a guest lecture during our monthly Sustainability Speaker Series
  • Joining the Office of Sustainability for one of our weekly guest blogging events

In addition, the Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP) course thrives based on giving students a multi-disciplinary experience with a topic of environmental concern. Contact the STEP Course Coordinator to find an aspect of the current topic that you could contribute to this exciting class.

If you have specific questions or recognize opportunities to augment sustainability at Loyola, please contact the Office of Sustainability.