Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Alternative Transportation

Loyola University Chicago is an urban campus located in a densely populated area with heavy vehicle traffic.  Consider this for a moment. 

Mobility comes in many options.  Check out the variety of ways to get around the neighborhood and the City of Chicago.  We encourage you to get around by using other modes of transportation than driving a car.  We are a campus dedicated to safe, environmentally friendly, alternative modes of transport.

Transit Options

It has never been easier or more convenient to ride public transportation!  Use the CTA Bus Tracker on your computer or mobile device or by text message to avoid waiting for a bus.  You'll know exactly when it is going to arrive.

You can also use the CTA Train Tracker so you'll know when you need to start running to catch the next train. You'll never miss another train again!

For trips off campus, use the transit search options to find the quickest route using trains and buses.  You've paid for the UPass card, so take advantage of this city's excellent transit system.


If you own a bike, you have one of the fastest, easiest ways of getting around campus, with ample places to park and lock it up. Support your fellow students by getting your tune-ups at Chainlinks, located in the Main Parking Structure

If not, Chainlinks is the perfect answer to get you riding.  This rental shop offers bike rental by the day, week, month or by the semester or year. All of the rentals  come with a U-lock, lights, and a helmet.

Car Sharing

The two car sharing companies, Enterprise and ZipCar offer easy access to a fully fueled, insured and maintained car.  They have car locations all around the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses.