Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Landscape & Biodiversity

Ecological Restoration Work Day at LUREC

Restoration workdays are held at LUREC every second Saturday. We work to remove invasive plants that are degrading the woodland and wetland, and we also work to restore the growth of native plants. Your work might include cutting shrubs and trees and bringing the wood to a bonfire or a wood chipper, pulling garlic mustard, collecting native seed on the prairie, sowing those seeds on cleared areas. You might even get a lesson on the use of a chainsaw or brush cutter or participate in a prescribed burn.

We work twelve months a year; some of our most enjoyable days have been in the “dead of winter.” To sign up for the workdays, contact Dr. Lammers at rlammer@luc.edu. She will put you on the monthly e-blast list, and then you can let her know when you can come; she will reserve lunch for you and potentially a space in the van. We provide saws, loppers, gloves (if you don’t have your own), and a free lunch in LUREC’s cafeteria.  You should wear layers of clothes (cover up regardless of the temperature), hat, sturdy boots or shoes, and bring a water bottle.

Transportation leaves Lake Shore about 8 a.m. Restoration activities begin at about 9:30 a.m. We break for lunch and then work another couple of hours in the afternoon. You will return to Lake Shore before 5 p.m., depending on traffic. (We are not always able to provide transportation to LUREC.)

SOAR: Student Operation for Avian Relief

Start exploring your local environment.  The campus grounds can be a great place to begin an appreciation for the incredible diversity of life.

Students have the opportunity to protect migratory birds traveling along the Lake Michigan shoreline on the Mississippi River flyaway. 

Loyola students work with facilities managers to make buildings “bird-safe” during migratory season by closing blinds and turning out lights to prevent birds from flying into windows and by rescuing injured birds for rehabilitation.

Learn more about  SOAR: Student Operation for Avian Relief.