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Waste & Materials

Commit to a Waste-Free Day. Every Day

That first “R” in “RRR” is Reduce. Take back that first “R” and REDUCE. And then reuse and recycle as much as you can. Producing new products requires energy, water and is overall resource intensive. That’s why reduce, reuse and recycle, in that order, is the easiest approach to cut back on unnecessary waste.

Waste Reduction Tips and Tricks

Here are some easy steps to take to minimize the amount of waste generated daily. Start with one and over time, incorporate new steps. Soon it will be just like brushing your teeth. It becomes a good habit.

  • Check out the local thrift store for very inexpensive items.
  • Use a reusable travel mug or drink container. You get a discount almost everywhere you fill it!
  • Keep a reusable bag or two in your backpack to always be prepared for shopping
  • Prepare and pack your own meals. This saves money by not having to buy food away from home and significantly cuts packaging waste.

Smart Move-In Tips and Greening your Residence Hall Room

Created by students living on campus, the Guide to Living Green on Campus shares basic steps to reduce energy, share resources and other tips to save money and resources.

Need more ideas for greening your room? How about organizing a floor competition with your peers for the "Smartest Room" to generate more living actions. Contact us at the Office of Sustainability to get started.

Spring Move-Out

It can happen. Somehow you accumulated "stuff" that you no longer want or have room in the get-away vehicle. Donate those items to the less fortunate. Each spring, students join the Office of Sustainability, Residence Life and Facilities Management to coordinate a charitable collection drive during spring move-out, Think Green and Give.

  • Gently used clothing, toiletries and non-perishable food

Collection bins are placed at several strategic locations at both Lakeside campuses.

Contact the Office of Sustainability to volunteer for Think Green and Give.

Events and Group Gatherings: The "Zero Waste" Plan

Gathering with friends, other students in your residence halls or organizing an event? Planning successful and welcoming gatherings or events with a focus to reduce waste only requires a few simple strategies.

Starting with the location, food and communications, this will help you achieve reduction in waste and use of natural resources.

Recycling at Loyola

Opportunities are plentiful on campus to recycle cans, plastic containers, paper and few more recyclable items. Recycling bins are in the residence halls, in hallways of classroom buildings, offices and outdoors on campus grounds. Take your recyclables to the nearest recycling bin.

Be responsible and recycle batteries, inkjet cartridges, cell phones and other personal electronics. Check the bottom of this page for drop off locations of such items.

Can’t recycle it? Think before you buy it!

What is Recyclable at LUC? Check here for a complete list or what can be placed in recycling bins at Loyola.