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Mobile Biodiesel

Mobile Biodiesel Processor

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Developed by Loyola's Biodiesel Program, the ReAct Mobile Biodiesel Processor showcases the entire process of converting used cooking oil into biodiesel on a self-contained cart approximately the size of a wagon. ReAct provides an easy-to-use, hands-on learning experience for the high school classroom.

Engaging: ReAct is an educational tool and accompanying lesson plan that gets students involved and active in the learning process. It will grab their attention in a way a textbook usually can't.
Dynamic: ReAct's open interface showcases chemistry as it happens. The three-day biodiesel production process allows for unique educational opportunities at every stage which keeps the classroom energetic and interesting.
Supportive: ReAct is not just a machine. It is a comprehensive educational program that includes curriculum guides to help educators incorporate it into their classrooms and support from Loyola's groundbreaking Biodiesel Program.
Holistic: ReAct looks at education in a new way. It's not only chemistry, it's also environmental science. When used to its fullest, it can teach concepts of self-sustainability and business strategy as students find a use for the waste cooking oil their school already produces and the biodiesel students create with ReAct.

Features and Benefits

Compact Size Fit in a classroom and stores in a closet, and easily transported between classrooms or special events
Open Interface Gives students an illustrative learning experience of complex subjects, and allows students to experience to sensory cues of biodiesel production
Interactive Provides students with a kinetic and memorable learning experience through hand-on experience with alternative fuel production
Teacher Lesson Plan Free Teacher Lesson Plan for easy integration into existing curricula

ReAct was designed by and is supported by students in the Loyola Biodiesel Program. Their own hands-on experience making biodiesel at Loyola has helped to create this powerful learning tool. ReAct has also been paired with a diesel generator (powered with biodiesel) and a deep-fryer (powered by the generator) to demonstrate a closed-loop energy system. This system has been featured on the National Mall in Washington DC, at high school football games, and at green fairs around Chicago.

There are a myriad of companies that have push-button processors for creating biodiesel fuel. The core competence of Loyola's Biodiesel Program is in our interactive design. This is what makes ReAct a phenomenal educational tool. Without the interactivity, much of the experience and learning opportunity is lost to automation. The ability for students to physically interact with the machine and see the chemical processes occur is what makes ReAct an attractive program for educators.