Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


How Our Program Started in 2007
Student Documentary Film
Fr. Michael Garanzini, SJ, discusses how Loyola University is the "perfect size" to educate students in order to affect environmental change in all facets of society. Integrating Education
22 students from a myriad of different academic backgrounds have come together to learn about and act on the carbon-emission problem at Loyola University Chicago. One Stop Location
From gathering waste vegetable oil from the cafeterias to testing the quality of the biodiesel, students have led the way making STEP:Biodiesel a successful new course at Loyola University. Smells Like Biodiesel
Intro to Making Biodiesel
Michele Stein (former Biodiesel Intern) and Zach Waickman (Biodiesel Lab Manager) give a quick introduction to making biodiesel in this video. How to Make Biodiesel
Making Biodiesel with a Rube Goldberg Machine
What do you do when you leave work for the day and forget to make biodiesel? Phone it in and let your Rube Goldberg machine take over. Enjoy! Biodiesel w/ Rube Goldberg