Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Plenary Panel

Climate Change, Catastrophic Weather, and Human Health: A Response to Gina McCarthy's Keynote Address

Friday, March 16, 2018 | Start Time: 9:00 AM| Mundelein Auditorium, 1st floor, Mundelein Center
Dr. Nancy Tuchman, IES founding dean

Climate change has disrupted other countries and now we are seeing the impacts on our own shores. When powerful hurricanes hit the United States it upsets our economy, disrupts our food systems, limits our access to clean water and puts stress on our public health infrastructure. Our plenary panelists will delve deeper into the issues raised during Gina McCarthy’s inspiring keynote address. Topics will range from a discussion on the ways in which climate change impacts human health, including the prolonged periods of draught and/or flooding that displaces people from their land. Panelists will talk about how food and water insecurity caused by severe weather drives up the number of climate refugees on our planet.

Panelists include: