Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Poster Session

Thank you to all of those who contributed posters! If you presented a poster at our 2015 Climate Change Conference and would like to have it displayed online, email a PDF copy of your poster to Shanna Yetman.

 A Cow Eats Goat
Presented by: F. Dieng Karnaedi, S.J. and Fransisca Ressa Utari   
Sanata Dharma University‌


Sanata Dharma University Students Accompany the Green Village
Presented by: Lucia Wiwid Wijayanti           
Sanata Dharma University


The Green House Venture: Teaching Kids Sustainable Growing in St. Louis
Presented by:  Dr. Donald Stump
Saint Louis University    


Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Presented by: Abby Kansal   
Saint Louis University

Strategic Energy Strategies
Presented by: Brandon Verhoff
Saint Louis University    

Carbon Sequestration Potential During the Ecological Restoration...
Presented by: Dr. Brian M. Ohsowski
Loyola University Chicago    

Response of Ground-level Ozone to Climate Change...
Presented by: Dr. Ping Jing
Loyola University Chicago

Natural Gas Fracking       
Presented by: Dr. Anthony E. Ladd  
Loyola University New Orleans

Evolution of Corporate Sustainability along the Sustainability Spectrum
Presented by: Dr. Nancy Landrum    
Loyola University Chicago  

Material Values, Goals and Water Use
Presented by: Kala J. Melchiori, Robyn K. Mallet, Aaron Durnbaugh, Hanh Pham
Loyola University Chicago  

Campus Resilience
Presented by: Muzit Gebretensae       
                         Loyola University Chicago